Yesterday on our newscast we reported on the newly elected members from the private sector that now form part the Corozal Free Zone’s Board of Directors.

Several of the newly elected members have a vision of developing the free zone and improving its infrastructure. For the past six years the management of the free zone has managed to maintain a good relationship with members of the private sector that sit on the board since they both share the same aim.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-26_at_7.46.34_PMRaul Rosado – CEO CFZ

“We have to say that for the past six years under this administration we have had very good participation from the private sector, the investment the people who have money invested and we have noticed that the investment climate has been growing people seems to have confidence in the business and they are investing even much more. Presently there is huge constructions taking place in the eastern side of the free zone people are constructing building more buildings. We decided as administration that it is just practical to help investment grow that the public sector which we represent needs to also make investment primarily in infrastructure especially the roads within the zone. For us to carry this out we invited the public sector and the private sector to join hands to make sure that we can carry out this project. We have already gotten the blue prints for the topographic study that was done. The project in its entirety will cost somewhere around 4 million dollars and we have invited the Government of Belize to participate with us an d we have gotten a commitment from the Prime Minister and from the public sector and private sector which are all the investors and we have joined hands to be able to complete this project.”

The intended project seeks to upgrade approximately one mile of road within the Free Zone.  The work should commence immediately after the logistics are completed.

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