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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

freeAccording to the Statistical Institute of Belize, the National unemployment rate up to April 2014 was at 11.1 %. In the northern part of the country Orange Walk hosts 12.7 percent of the labor force while Corozal is responsible for 12.6 percent with one of the major employers being the Corozal Commercial Free Zone.

According to CCFZ’s Chief Executive Officer, Raul Rosado, currently the free zone counts with approximately 3,200 employees from both northern districts.

Raul Rosado – CEO CFZ

“The Corozal Free Zone is indeed the single largest employer for the north serving Corozal and Orange Walk, registered with us as direct employment is about 3200 employees not mentioning the indirect employment that it creates through the bus drivers that people on the transportation could bring these employees to the Free Zone, those who provide food for the people working in the Free Zone, but direct employment under our registry is about 3200 employees.”

Over all, an estimated 4 to 5 thousand persons are said to depend on the employment rate at free zone to make living. But while workers travel from Orange Walk the highest percentage of employees are from the district of Corozal.

Raul Rosado – CEO CFZ

“I would say that largest percentage would be the district of Corozal but it is a significant amount from the district of Orange Walk as well.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“What this means and this tells to the management of the Free Zone?”

Raul Rosado – CEO CFZ

“It is most important to us, that is the reason why under our mandate we have disciplined ourselves to ensure that we protect and promote the investment and is securing these people employment for them to be able to provide for their families and be able to put food on the table, to be able to send their children to school, to provide shelter and clothing so for us it is ultimate important to be able to protect and to promote investment in the Zone.”

According to SIB, there are now 151,317 people in the Labor force which is an increase of 1,883 when compared to April, 2013. There are 93,411 males and 57,906 females in the force. 3,003 more males joined the labor force in 2014 and 1,120 females fell out. The Belize and Cayo Districts are responsible for 57.5 percent of the labor force at 35 percent and 22.5 percent respectively. Stann Creek 10.1 percent and Toledo has 7 percent. The Belize District has the highest unemployment rate at 14.3 percent and Toledo has the lowest at 4.1 percent.

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