dinsdaleThere is no doubt that the execution style murder of Danny Conorquie, the police special constable assigned to the Tourism Police Unit who shot and killed on Thursday September 25th while on duty at the Caracol Archaeological Site, presumably by Guatemalan Xateros who were encroaching in Belizean soil, has caused public indignation across the nation. We say presumably because while officer commanding the San Ignacio Police Formation, Assistant Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson announced that the investigation into Conorquie’s death has concluded that the 20 year old was not murdered by Belizeans but instead by Guatemalan’s, he retracted that statement today. Of note is that Thompson made the announcement on Sunday as he attended Conorquie’s funeral in Georgeville. But by this afternoon the media received a police report from Police press Officer Raphael Martinez with the headline reading, “Report from Superintendent of Police Dinsdale Thompson Officer Commanding San Ignacio formation.

The report reads as follows “On Sunday 28th September, 2014 sometime around 3:00p.m while at Special Constable Danny Conorquie’s funeral at Georgeville,  I was  in uniform when I addressed the funeral gathering, and stated “that our investigation is showing that it is Guatemalan Nationals that are responsible for the shooting death of Danny Conorquie”

I am hereby retracting what I had said publicly at the funeral. I would like to now say that we have no evidence to prove that the culprits who shot Danny Conorquie are from Guatemala. We are still continuing with our investigation trying to ascertain who and from where are the people that are responsible for this shooting.

This begs the question, was Thompson pressured to retract his statement? Probably we will never know but we must note that Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington has stated that there is no evidence that suggests that the special constable was killed by Guatemalans.

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