conorquiOn Friday the Peoples United Party issued a release expressing outrage for the killing of Danny Conorquie and demanding that a full investigation be launched into the death of the 20 year old. But the PUP is not the only organization clamoring for justice. So is Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA. Today the organization, via a press release, announced that they will join the Belize People’s Front at a press conference and a demonstration scheduled for tomorrow at the western border.  In the release, COLA also chastises the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington for his statement made following Conorquie’s death that there is no evidence that suggests that the special constable was killed by Guatemalans. To this COLA states and we quote “We call on the Minister of foreign affairs to apologize to Conorquie’s family and to all Belizeans for his misguided and ill-timed statements in the press this week.  His colleague Minister of National Security John Saldivar should come out of hiding as well.” End of quote. Conorquie’s death, states COLA, highlights the lack of planning to safeguard Mayan Archeological Sites and the absolute lack of attention paid to the borderline. This latest tragedy points out the need for our government to consider insuring our arm forces, and to implement a well define foreign and national security policy, states COLA. Of note is that the investigation into Conorquie’s death is still ongoing.

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