Screen_Shot_2014-09-30_at_8.16.16_PMLast night on our news cast we reported on the fatal traffic accident that occurred near the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino located in the area of the Corozal Commercial Free Zone. The incident claimed the life of a Mexican national. Reporter Victor Castillo has the details to the incident in the following report.

Victor Castillo – Reporting

Tragedy struck the Perez family a little after 4:00 yesterday evening when they were informed that their loved one, 37 year old Mexican National Jose Benigno Perez, lost his life in a traffic accident.

Perez, a resident of Subteniente Lopez in Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico, lost control of his pickup truck as he headed out of the Corozal Free Zone. The tragic accident occurred here, near the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino located in the vicinity of the free zone, when Perez reportedly lost control of his vehicle which flipped several times in the air. The 37 year old was flung out of the vehicle and all indications are that upon landing on the pavement, he hit his head on the concrete barrier that is located along the road causing his death instantly.

According to authorities, footage captured by a surveillance camera located at the entrance of the free zone, shows Perez and a passenger later identified as Mexican National Tilo Diaz Lopez, exiting the Free Zone. Corporal Roger Novelo, attached to the Transport Department within the Corozal Police formation, spoke to us about their findings into this latest tragedy.

Cpl. Roger Novelo - Corozal Police Department

“Up to this time, one statement has been recorded by one witness who was accompanying the deceased a gentleman by the name of Mr. Tulio Lopez gave his formal report and the matter is being investigated as several leads are present but at this time we are following that Mr. Perez at the moment was driving in a high speed and was apparently under the influence of alcohol, at this moment to verify that we are awaiting to conduct the post mortem and get some sample an verify if it was highly under the influence and that could be one of the main factor of this accident.”

As mentioned, a post mortem examination is scheduled for some time this week.  As for Dias Lopez, he only received minor abrasions to his forehead and was taken to the Corozal Community Hospital for medical treatment and was later released.

Cpl. Roger Novelo - Corozal Police Department

“Well, Mr Lopez only sustained cut wound on his right upper side of his eye and he was treated at the hospital and after recorded his statement he was escorted to the border and was released.”

Family members of Perez are currently consulting with the Mexican Consulate in order to take back the body of their loved one to Mexico for proper burial.

CTV3 News understands that Perez was a former police officer in Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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