In a follow up to the complicated mess surrounding FIFA, the FFB and GOB, CTV-3 has received two documents – one from the National Sports Council to the FFB outlining the reasons for its not registering that body, and one from FIFA to GOB basically telling the government that it should keep its nose out of where it doesn’t belong.

fifa10The letter from the NSC points to anomalies they perceive to be contained in the 2010 statutes of the FFB. They point to several particular instances in which they feel that the FFB’s statutes are contrary to the rules and statutes of FIFA. The NSC, therefore, is asking the FFB to call a general congress, amend those statutes which they claim are wrong, and then resubmit an application to the Council for registration.

No surprise there, since it is a widely held belief that the NSC has no intention to register the FFB anytime soon.

The letter from FIFA, which is addressed to Minister of Sports John Saldivar, is more interesting. Getting straight to the point, FIFA reminds Saldivar that each member of that body manages its affairs independently and ensures that its own actions are not influenced by any third party, and states that “as such, we have to confirm that only FIFA members (in this case the FFB) can decide which team to field or to recognize, at the exclusion of any other body such as government.”

FIFA tells GOB not to hamper the FFB in the performance of its functions, and here’s the kicker – “As a matter of fact, we fail to see how a lengthy suspension could allow the government of Belize to achieve any meaningful objective. It is to be noted that even in the case of a suspension, only FFB and its current office bearers would remain recognized by FIFA.”

That seems clear enough – but after smacking GOB with that iron fist, FIFA slips on the velvet gloves and informs Minister Saldivar that a high ranking delegation from FIFA will be in the country on July 19th in an attempt to resolve the situation. They ask that Saldivar make himself available, and also ask that he facilitate a meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Meanwhile, plans proceed as normal for the game between Belize and Montserrat to be played in Honduras on Sunday, July 17th.

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