Screen_Shot_2014-09-30_at_8.17.51_PMToday we bring to you the 3rd instalment of our newest feature that celebrates the lives of those golden citizens in our community as we take a glimpse into their lives.  Just as your average person is a product of their environment, and their life experiences, the elderly are as productive as we encourage them to be. They are the generations that came before us and set a foundation for us, and as such October they will be honoured during Older Persons Month. Today, we’ll take a look at the life of Florencia Campos who was born and raised in Orange Walk. Campos is one of the eldest of the Helpage Family. Today, she opened up her doors and welcomed us with warm embraces. Maria Novelo reports.


Maria Novelo – Reporting

A music lover and dancing enthusiast at heart, 83 year old Florencia Campos, affectionately known as Ms. Poy, was born and raised in Shuggah Citi near the riverside in the vicinity known as slaughterhouse area. Today she reflected on her childhood days.

Florencia Campos – Golden Citizen

“I used to sell for my mother and I used to have a lot of friends and I used to go and visit them and anytime I used to go buy I used to hale my neighbours and I used to ask them what they want and I used to buy it for them and then I used to dance when I put my music by myself right here in my kitchen I used to dance. We born and grow here in Slaughterhouse and I used to go fishing a lot with my father dory and I used to paddle and used to have two friends but they died already and we used to go fishing and go home and scrap it and my mother used to fry it and I used to go with my neighbour s and play cards.”

And while she did a 3 year stint enrolled at the Holy Reedemer School in Belize City, her heart was always in Orange Walk. She remembers fondly how she grew up and how strict her parents were; to this day she remains grateful for their guidance.

Florencia Campos – Golden Citizen

“Everything was different because in those days but to me in this year time you see many children are very upstart and we were not upstart with our parents they use to have us strict, we use to obey my mom and my dad and my dad used to put us to do work over here when we use to come from school we use to do something in the yard we never used to go only to the streets right so we used to help my parents but them children nowadays you tell them do this they don’t want to do it they disobey, so everything change but we were raised in a correct way but nowadays the parents they don’t care about their children they do whatever they like.”

So what keeps Ms. Campos healthy, wealthy and wise? The jovial, spirited citizen says she enjoys exercising and is quite the socialite.

Florencia Campos – Golden Citizen

“I used to make a lot of exercise and I used to walk plenty and go with my son Ruben by stadium I used to go and visit him and I walk go and come sometimes he see me and he would offer me a drop no I am going to walk and I today I feel good and I feel strong because I move round.”

Campos says discipline and showing respect towards elders or parents are key in living a fulfilling life.

Florencia Campos – Golden Citizen

“I always advice the younger ones to do something at their homes and help their mother and their father but some of them they used to come out from college and they pass around here and I used to tell them at least you say good morning because we never raised and we were told whenever you see somebody you always give them good morning and good afternoon, we were raided that kind of way but nowadays you tell them good morning you have to hale them when I pass good morning, good afternoon and I thank my mother and my father we were raised the correct way.”


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Tomorrow, October 1st will be observed globally as International Day of Older Persons. ‘We’ll bring you another segment of “Golden Moments with Senior Citizens” in tomorrow’s newscast.

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