On November 1st of last year the Calcutta Adventist Church, with the assistance of authorities carried out a checkpoint at the entrance of Calcutta Village in the Corozal District. But the church members were not there to assist officers in enforcing the law. Instead, they were there to reinforce and share the word of God to those willing to listen.

On the day the checkpoint was carried out, a number of faithful’s joined in the venture including Ricky Oliveras who taped the work of the members. Oliveras then made a video demonstrating how here in the north, the word of God reaches to others.

That video has placed Belize on the map as it will be used for this year’s International Adventist General Conference.


Magglie_TzulMagali Tzul – Church Member

“This was actually recorded the general conference so that they can show the tourist of what and how we can testify here in Belize City, we did it for the past year and this coming quarter has been called in the Adventist church missionaries worldwide are talking about Belize so what we saw via YouTube or in this video worldwide already is just something that the church does to get young people and children even as you saw the police department involved which they are supporting us to the fullest in every even that we do and right now for this present moment the stories worldwide are from Belize and so fortunate  we were that we were from Corozal to be part of that so what you are seeing in the video is just a part of that we Adventist church does cool department.”

But the main objective of these events, according to Magalie Tzul, is to drive the youth away from all wrong doings.


Magali Tzul – Church Member

“Seeing the situation in Belize that young people getting childhood into gangs and so forth, too much crime, too violence, personally I think it is a good way in which we can reach the young people, get them in church, get them involved in something that will make them grow I church and let them not fall in these types of stuff, I think the church is a good method where we can reach young people to get to know about God and I think that only God is the best thing and in a way to prevent crime and so forth.”

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