Screen_Shot_2014-10-01_at_7.58.56_PMOver the last few weeks we have been mentioning the plans on the rehabilitation of the Orange Walk Central Park.  That project is now officially launched after the Mayor handed over the park to representatives of the Social Investment Fund, which is implementing the project. SIF in turn turned the project over to the selected consultants. Earnest Raymond, Project Coordinator of the Belize Municiapl Development Project under which the project is being carried, spoke more on the project.

Earnest Raymond – Project Coordinator. BMDP

“LARS, they are the supervision consultant and so it would be them and the Contractor, Coleman Construction Limited, they are the ones that will do the works.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So, in brief what can the Orange Walk community expect at the end of this project?”

Earnest Raymond – Project Coordinator. BMDP

“At the end of this project the park will be greatly enhanced to make for a more comfortable environment for the people of Orange Walk to visit, to relax and in particular we are going to address some of the drainage issues and generally, is a general enhancement of the park and I mean this park is in the center of Orange Walk Town, it should be a site to be hold in terms of its niceness and pleasantries that goes with it.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Are you going to keep the greenery and the children playground as well?”

Earnest Raymond – Project Coordinator. BMDP

“Certainly the facilities as it exists now as it relates to their functions will remain, we will not change any of its functions of the park in terms of place where people can come and relax and also where some community events could be held in particular the grand stand will be enhance, the seating will be enhance as well as the terrain itself as I said to deal with any issues of flooding and otherwise and of course the painted and everything else.”

The total cost of the project is $333,052.24 and is expected to be completed within three months. That however, may be subject to change since SIF is looking for quality work.

Earnest Raymond – Project Coordinator. BMDP

“Quality for us is the overriding issue and to ensure that the quality exists we have the supervision consultant who will be monitoring the works as well as the Town Council through the Project Management Steering Committee and the Social Investment Fund will be looking on to make sure that the works that is done properly.”

Dalila Ical –Reporter

“Is this separate from the rehabilitation of the streets around?”

Earnest Raymond – Project Coordinator. BMDP

“It is and that is the next sub project for this municipality, the rehabilitation of two streets; Lover’s Lane and I think the North and South Side ok, north street and I think south street those two streets.”

The project is being implemented through a loan from the World Bank and a three percent contribution from the council.  Deputy Mayor, Ian Cal, says the materialization of the project is something that has been long needed in the community.

Ian Cal

“It is important; it is going to be a beautiful park, a green park so we are bringing back to life the Central Park for Orange Walk, the goal is to have more families come to the Central Park and enjoy themselves a safe area most importantly because a lot of children pass through here to go to school so it is a good project, it is a project that finally it is going to start and I think Orange Walkenos have been waiting long for it and we have been hearing that the project is going to start but finally today we had the ground breaking and so by next week the project should see the commencement. Just asking the public to be careful while passing through the park and around the park actually while this project is happening we must be very careful we are going to have a lot of heavy machinery and we are going to have people working around the area so at the same time I ask the public to be very careful and in three months we should have a new Central Park for the people of Orange Walk.”

These are not the only projects being implemented by SIF. They have paved Tangerine, Avilez, San Ignacio and Santa Familia Streets within the town. The project also includes capacity building for the staff at the Town Hall which also consists of the development of a municipal development plan for a period ending 2030. Stakeholders are now reviewing the already prepared plan and the council is expected to present this plan to the community for endorsement in the near future.

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