ramenRamen noodles, some people say it is the next best thing to a plate of rice and beans, chicken and salad. But is it as healthy? We know it is definitely cheaper, but as consumers, have we truly considered the side effects of eating ramen noodles, that is, if any exists? An experiment conducted abroad shows that the product is unhealthy but in site that the ramen noodles is highly consumed in Belize, we decided to consult with our local doctors to verify if the product is as damaging to our body as reports suggest. Victor Castillo reports.

Victor Castillo – Reporting

With the high cost of living In Belize there is no doubt that many Belizeans often find themselves purchasing the cheapest products on the shelves. This includes from toiletries, clothing and most importantly food. If we base ourselves on the area of food we find that people with small food budgets, prefer to purchase a pack of ramen noodles at 50 cents than pay $6.00 to $8.00 for a plate of food or spend much more preparing a meal.

Reports suggest that in Belize, Belizeans consume over 42 thousand cases, or 960 thousand single packs of Ramen noodles per month that was in 2013 and we are sure that by now that figure has increased.

According to a study, instant noodles are a popular go-to lunch or dinner for those who are short for time or cash. But are ramen noodles healthy for our body? That is what we tried to find out today as the product has practically become a staple food for Belizeans especially those of low income families.

In a first-of-its-kind experiment, studies have proven that the ramen noodles, after hours are still intact in your digestive system. The amount of salt each pack contains is a factor that raises the level of pressure on Hypertension patients and more. That experiment was done abroad so we decided to get answers from our local doctors. According to Doctor Nelson Marin, the meal that many Belizeans are forced to eat is indeed unhealthy.

Nelson Marin – Doctor CCH.

“As the target especially the Young people those who are studying and want things quick and now even the society itself that is more business society; the mother going to work, the dads working and the kids are on their own and it is easier well go buy a ramen or go buy a soup and we have to talk about the amount of food that are with preservatives which is  as you know all food that requires a long period of time or waiting time for expiration requires certain chemicals so that it could last a long period especially those high in sodium as you know it is one of the special elements in the body that when exceeded to create an increase in pressure; heart pressure and blood pressure and that affect the heart and as the metabolic system affects the brain so it is a whole chain reaction that it creates.”

Another preservative that is of high risk to the consumer and is also found in a pack of ramen noodles is TBHQ “tertiary butyl hydroquinone” which is often listed as an “antioxidant. So, the next time you think about eating a ramen think about what it does to your body and bear in mind what doctor Marin says, its best to spend a little more on healthy food than to spend a lifetime of saving on medical bills.

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“In a nut shell, Despite that the cost of living is at a high rate at this moment it’s better to waste 10 minutes than to spend 2 hours in a hospital bed because of the side effects, when you talk about the side effects, what are some of the side effects that these causes, you mentioned hypertension, heart problems…”

Nelson Marin – Doctor CCH

“And of course swelling of the legs, swelling of the arms, sleepiness, tiredness because all those connects to the way the person reacts on a daily basis, so imagine you have hypertension and what is that going to give you headaches, if you are a teacher then you need to attend to classes for the day and then you have that ponding headache of the day and so we ask to try to be healthier and combined with exercise it is a whole triangle being mentally stable, the health, and of course the spiritual that feeds the mental part of the body.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Now when it comes to students in particular what advice would you give them and what are the fast snacks or food that it is in the requirement for them to keep a healthy diet and to keep concentrated in the classroom?”

Nelson Marin – Doctor CCH

“I recommend 100% like going organic rather than having the natural salt get the grain salt cause that has less effect on the body, rather than having white flour try to get wheat flour it has the same taste but the benefits are way much better, rather than using white sugar use brown sugar like I said maybe a dollar more but at the end of the day it would be much less and so let’s think about the future like I said and let think about the temple which is our body and like I said don’t forget the exercise.”

Despite that more studies are yet to be conducted in order to finalize the health Hazard of eating ramen noodles, one should consider the side effects of the product or of eating unhealthy for that matter.

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