In 2006 Scotia Bank kicked off a national initiative called Scotia Bank Belize Education Foundation 2006. The initiative is aimed at assisting students at the primary school level with a grant to cover tuition fees and school expenses. So far the initiative has been an unqualified success as, over the years, Scotia Bank has distributed over 250 grants countrywide.

Today seven students from the Orange Walk District were added to the ranks of grant recipients. Erna Espadas, the Assistant Manager of Scotia Bank told us more.

Screen_shot_2011-07-13_at_8.34.09_PMErla Espadas- Assistant Manager Scotia Bank OW

“What we are doing here today symbolizes Scotia Banks Corporate giving. The bank has always believed in promoting education and the well being of children especially form less privilege backgrounds. Scotia Bank as part of this program will be providing education grants to children and in this effort they are providing for the youth of Belize and also the importance of their education.”

The selection process was carried out by requesting that the schools send in the names of those they thought needed the assistance. After that the bank selected the seven students that needed the assistance the most and were performing exceptionally well at school.

Erla Espadas- Assistant Manager Scotia Bank OW

“The selection process has been that we sent letters to the different schools that we had selected so far each year. We try to select different schools each year by sending applications to the schools and they are the ones that provide us with the names of students that need assistance. They send us a minimum of three candidates and them we go through a selection process by reviewing all the applications and then narrow it down to one student per school.”

The $300 granted to each student today is paid to the school. For the parents the money is a big help in preparing their children for the upcoming school year.

Erla Espadas- Assistant Manager Scotia Bank OW

“They can use this $300.00 for tuition and books. The selection process has been based on merit, the grades that they have been getting throughout the year and also on financial need. Scotia Bank will continue providing these grants every year and the Scotia Bank employees have assisted tremendously in this effort through their fund raisers that they did throughout the year.”

Yolanda Polanco- Parent

“Le agradezco bastante a Scotia Bank y al Principal de La Inmaculada School Mr. Manuel Polanco que hizo posible esto. Me siento feliz me va a ayudar bastante.”

Yari Catzim-Reporter

“Su niño va a estar yendo a que grado?”

Teresa Avila- Parent


Yari Catzim-Reporter

“Y como le va ayudar esto?”

Teresa Avila- Parent

“Bien, gracias a Dios bien va hacer la oportunidad para el.”

Yari Catzim-Reporter

“Ya casi va a estar preparado el niño para ir a la escuela?”

Teresa Avila- Parent


The students receiving the grant today were: Elvis Silva and Julian Aguilar from Trial Farm Government School, Sayva Suchite from San Estevan RC, Mauricio Polanco from La Inmaculada School, Marnesta Venegas from Louisiana Government School, Angel Bernard from St. Peter’s School and Cristina Tzul from San Lazaro Government School.

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