The PUP will be holding a convention on Sunday October 5th to elect a team to contest the municipal elections next year. In our previous newscast we spoke with one of the teams and tonight we present the second team which is led by Ruben Cruz who is running for the Mayoral post. Cruz spoke on why his team is the best choice for Corozal.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-03_at_6.52.47_PMRuben Cruz– Mayoral Candidate, PUP Convention

“We are the team for the people, we are ready to work for Corozal and we have been campaigning that to the people and they believe on us and we will not let them down and we are going to work for Corozal.”

Carmelita Perez– Reporter

“What are some of the concerns that the people have express to you during the campaign trail?”

Ruben Cruz – Mayoral Candidate, PUP Convention

“The main one is the streets; everybody complains about the streets, the party in power has been trying to do something lately and it worst especially 7th Avenue, and so we need to come in March and put everything in order and one of our priorities would be that, the streets, all the area down town, all the streets outside the town, everything was a mess.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporter

“Do you already have a plan on how you will be fixing those streets if elected?”

Ruben Cruz – Mayoral Candidate, PUP Convention

“Yes, we have been talking about the different approached that we can do on that one of those is a bond and we really look into it and get the appropriate people that could advise us and tell how to do but we all going to go all out on the streets definitely.”

A second concern Cruz’s team has identified is the beautification of the beach side. A project they hope to carry through once elected is to cement an area of the beach for a recreational area for families. But what is perhaps more noble of the group is their plan to take a part of their stipend to help the less fortunate in Corozal.

Ruben Cruz – Mayoral Candidate, PUP Convention

“I’m not sure if anybody has done that before but we talked about it and we are very serious with that because during our campaign we found a lot of people in need and all they are asking is like a little ten dollars, twenty dollars to buy a book, to buy food and we talk about it and we decided on that and yes we are going to do it. I need PUP supporters to come out and vote and I ask you humbly to vote for us because we are going to be the change for Corozal and we are hard working group that is going to take care of Corozal and all the needs of Corozal, we are doing this with our heart is not just because we want use to use words but because we want to go in there and really work and change Corozal because we want to be proud of our town. We will work as long as they want we will work with Mr. Vega and whoever comes out victorious talking about the councilors and I will never change from being a PUP that is for sure.”

The Convention will be held in Corozal on Sunday October 5th.

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