Tonight there is significant political news to report. The Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Phillip de la Fuente, has decided to throw in the towel. In an interview with CTV-3 today, the Mayor confirmed to us that he will not be running for re-election.

Screen_shot_2011-07-14_at_8.16.42_PMPhillip de la Fuente – Mayor

“I will not be running for the re-election. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have had the faith in me and for giving me their support even up to now. I would like them to know that I will still be the Mayor until March I will still be out there working for you all, being with you all, listening to your concerns. Thank you for the support that you have been giving me over these three years.”

CTV-3 has received reports that the United Democratic Party has already approached Orange Walk resident Ivan Leiva to ask him to run for Mayor in municipal elections, and Leiva has accepted.

While Mayor de la Fuente hardly leaves behind a sterling list of accomplishments in Orange Walk Town, we do take this opportunity to wish him well in his endeavours as he leaves political life at the end of this term.

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-2 #2 #1 ow central voter 2011-07-16 17:26
will ivan leiva stop contrabanding whiskey and cigarettes or will he have more power to contraband bigger?
#1 ow central voter 2011-07-15 17:06 Ivan, run...Kevin di come.

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