conchConch lovers rejoice! The delectable mullosk is now ready to grace your tables once again since the Department of Fisheries signalled the official opening of the season as of October 1st. Conch harvesting yields an estimated $11 million annually into the country’s fisheries industry, a significant revenue earner for traditional fishermen. The season will run from October 1st until June 30th of 2015. 


It is estimated that a total of over 1 million pounds will be harvested this year.

According to the Belize Fisheries Department, only persons with a commercial Fishermen’s License are allowed to catch conch for commercial purposes. To protect the industry, the Fisheries Department is encouraging establishments to purchase conch for consumption from the local market and to request a legal commercial Fishermen’s License from the supplier. In addition, they are also encouraging fishermen to abide by the law as it relates to legal size of conch to ensure the sustainability of the Strombus gigas species. The legal size of a conch allowed for harvesting is seven inches in length.

Between, soup, ceviche, fritters, whether sautéed, grilled or broiled one thing is certain, conch is a Belizean delicacy.

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