Screen_Shot_2014-10-07_at_7.49.35_PMA report aired yesterday on one of the media houses in Chetumal, Mexico has suggested that wholesalers who sell chicken may be smuggling chicken into the country from Belize. The suggestion goes further to state that this poultry from Belize can be contaminated and unsafe to eat. The report indicates that some wholesalers are selling chicken at a rather cheap price, somewhere in the vicinity of twenty-seven to twenty-eight pesos per pound which translates to somewhere over four dollars a pound. This is a concern as various wholesalers are competing for sales and the issue was raised because the actual marked price for chicken there is thirty-five pesos or more or almost six Belize dollars. The suggestion therefore was that some wholesalers were able to offer their poultry at a cheaper price because it was smuggled into the country from Belize. As we mentioned earlier too, the interviewee further suggested that this meat could very well be contaminated. Here is an excerpt of that story and the interview aired.

So, we did our investigations here to find out if indeed there was any chicken smuggled out of Belize into Chetumal. While there are no records to support this claim, CTV-3 News was reliably informed that all slaughtered chicken is inspected by BAHA food safety personnel in the Orange Walk District and is certified as safe for human consumption. In addition to this, since 2001, health officials have been searching for the Avian Influenza Virus in the country and haven’t found any trace of it yet whilst in Mexico there have been reports of the virus affecting the poultry industry there. We understand too that this very problem has triggered a hike in the price for chicken and eggs in that country which may lead to contraband. While there is no proof to support this on our end, as we mentioned before, we have been informed that Belize produces enough chicken to supply our market but there are no records to show that there is a surplus that could supply the demand across the border.

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