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Screen_Shot_2014-10-08_at_8.08.27_PMWanted man Alex Tillett, turned himself to authorities’ sometime this morning. Tillett is accused of taking part in the heist of the Hung Yun Store on the Phillip Goldson Highway near the Northern Regional Hospital and was wanted for two counts of robbery. Tillett had absconded police since September 19th.


Police say 27 year old Alex Tillett; known as “lexus” was one of two men who also robbed Darvis Store at gunpoint on September 11th. You may recall that the September 19th armed robbery of Hung Yun Store proved fatal for his accomplice Leslie Logan Jr. who was shot by the proprietor of the store. Following several weeks of hiding, Tillett is now in police custody and is yet to be charged. We spoke with a family member today who wished to remain anonymous.

Relative of Alex Tillett

“Nobody knew where he was, he did contacted me by text but that is it, nobody kndew where he was.”

Dalila ical – Reporter

“What made him decide to hand himself to the authorities?”

Relative of Alex Tillett

“He can’t sleep, the whole situation just still bothered him, from the day it happened still bothered him and we advise him to do it much sooner but he wasn’t ready to give in himself yet then and I guess within the time that he took away from around us or whatever he thought on what he wanted to do and when he contacted me and he asked me if I can help to turn him in and I said sure no problem I don’t have any problem and that is when I contacted you guys and I contacted whosever I needed to talk to and get some advice or whatever so we did it and we turn him in today and that was basically the story of everything and he refused to tell me where he was and only he knows why.”

Dalila ical – Reporter

“Has he admitted on being involved in the incident on that day?”

Relative of Alex Tillett

“No, he told me he was never there and that is his story and he stick to it that he was never there so if he was never there then I don’t see the reason why they are all behind him and have his picture all on the news and that he is armed and dangerous and all of this but he is not somebody like that, armed and dangerous sounds ridiculous for us that know him and you know but he doesn’t tell us that he was involved and he refused to say that yes he was there.”

The family took some extra precautions before Tillett was picked up by a police officer. His relative said they were very concerned for his safety.

Relative of Alex Tillett

“I was concerned for his safety because I watch the news and I see how much is on the news with police brutality and he himself was scared that they might want to do him something other than that was the reason why he never really just walked in there and just turned himself to the police because he was scared that something was going to happen and then rumors was being thrown around that they talked that if they catch him in the streets they were going to kill him this and that so all of that I think contribute to the fact that he was isolated. They done have it on the news that he is armed and dangerous which was a lie and they have this in there head and I know they could use that against him that he is armed and dangerous so that would be the reason why they had to fire at him or whatever if he was to be catch on the streets so this was the reason why we did it how we did it.”

After handing himself in today, the family is hoping that despite what he is being accused of, that his rights will be respected.

Relative of Alex Tillett

“We expect that he should go through the procedures, through the courts of whatever and if he is to get to serve time then I guess that is what will happen and if he makes up his mind to accept any consequences.  This was a shock for us and everything so that is it and we still try to observe everything what happened within the past few several weeks but we are still holding on and we are getting through it one day at a time and I am glad that he finally decided to do what he did today and even my family and everybody that this is over with finally.”

We will keep following the story as it develops.

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