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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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Screen_Shot_2014-10-08_at_8.07.41_PMLast night, thieves targeted the Ranchito Government School and made off with monies that was collected from parents for a a fundraising event that was scheduled for this coming Friday. It’s a stinging blow for the faculty of the school who are looking forward to the reconstruction of two school buildings. Reporter Victor Castillo has more on the story.

Victor Castillo – Reporting

A routine day for students and faculty of Ranchito Government School quickly turned heart wrenching when they arrived on campus today only to find out that vandals had burglarized the school sometime last night. Member of the Parent-Teacher Association, Consuelo Magana told us more.

Consuelo Magaña – member of the PTA

“We work very hard and some people just come into our school break Windows, break doors and take stuff that is no theirs the PTA is working hard for the benefit of our children.”

CTV3 News was made to understand that around 6:30 am, the principal of the school received a phone call from residents of the village, informing her of a broken window with its burglar bar ripped off. The report was confirmed by the principal as she arrived at the school.

When police arrived at the school and checked the building they discovered that the principal’s office had been ransacked and over one thousand dollars was missing from the cash pan. What’s raising eyebrows though is that all electronic devices such as printers, radios and a laptop were left behind indicating that the culprit or culprits knew of the cash in hand and that was there target.

But why is it that such a large sum of money was left at the school? We asked that question to the principal of the school, who told us off camera that the money was collected from parents for burger sale that the school is having on Friday in efforts of raising some funds.

The money raised will be put towards the reconstruction of two of the school buildings being constructed by the Social Investment Fund. As is protocol the school has to come up with 10% of the total cost of the project.

Bearing this in mind, Consuelo Magaña, a member of the PTA, is pleading to the member’s community to come forward if they have any information that might lead to the recovery of the missing monies.

Consuelo Magaña – PTA member

“We as the parents of Ranchito are asking that if you know the person that came into our school please give us the information because we are working hard to make a new school but what will happen now and when we have new equipment what will happen, these thieve will just come in and the police will do nothing but all we are asking the police to investigate who is the person that came into our school and just take our stuff and just go away with it, we work very hard as part of the PTA and so one of the parent of the same school come to take our stuff that is really, really bad.”

Up to news time Corozal Police have yet to charge anyone in connection to this incident but their investigations continue.

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