Corozal Police have determined that the woman who was found dead yesterday in the middle of cane field located in the Village of Cristo Rey, was not murdered instead she died of a heart attack. The badly decomposed body of 63 year old Anita Che, was discovered yesterday around 3:00m by villagers who went searching for her. Reporter Victor Castillo has more details to the story.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-09_at_8.01.29_PMVictor Castillo- Reporting

The last time 63 year old Anita Che spoke with her son Manual Hernandez was last week Tuesday when she told him that she was going to the doctor and there after travel to Belmopan to visit family members. Up until yesterday Hernandez thought his mother was in Belmopan but all that changed when he received a telephone call from his relatives in that municipality.

Inspector Peter Serrano

“What actually happen is that the lady who is now dead spoke to her son and told him that she was going to the doctor and thereafter to Belmopan to visit family members of course that did not happen and the son after talking to his mom I believe he took for granted that she went to family members. It was until the family members got in touch with the son that he told them that she went to Belmopan and they told him that she never reached and he decided to make a report to police which we immediately jumped on.”

It was not until a little before three yesterday afternoon that Che’s body was found in the middle of a cane field.

Inspector Peter Serrano

“Corozal Police got the information on the missing person and based on that we conducted a search within the area of CristO Rey looking for 63 year old Anita Che, later on her family members joined in the search and at about 2:40pm the lifeless body of Che was found in an advance state of decomposition because of this the doctor conducted an onsite autopsy and concluded that she died of sudden death structurally pathology heart.”

In other words Che died of a heart failure. But while Che has been laid to rest, many are questioning how she ended up in the cane field. According to Deputy in Command of the Corozal Police Formation, Inspector Peter Serrano, investigations have revealed that Che often frequented the area in search of firewood which she used for her daily cooking.

The Che was laid to rest at the village’s cemetery yesterday after a post mortem examination was conducted on her body.

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