BTB-2-0002There is good news to report on tonight when it comes to the Tourism sector of the country. The Belize Tourism Board is reporting that with increases of over forty percent for each month this quarter, it marks one of the best years for cruise visitor arrivals in Belize's tourism history.


The third quarter of 2014 has registered increases in tourist arrivals across the board. The outstanding growth in arrivals for both overnight and cruise have exceeded forecasted numbers for this quarter. Overall for the first nine months of this year, overnight arrivals are up by 11 %; airport arrivals are up by 9.2% and cruise arrivals are up by almost 45%.  Historically, the third quarter is the slowest period for visitor traffic into the international airport of Belize.


However, this year, there were arrival increases in every month of the third quarter through the PGIA. Airport Arrivals for the third (3rd) quarter of 2014 has seen an increase of 3.9% compared to last year. July registered an increase of 6.0%, the highest increase for this quarter when compared to July 2013. Overnight arrivals for the third quarter of 2014 have seen an increase of 8.8% over 2013. Compared to last year, an increase of 12.1% in overnight visitors was recorded for September.

The cruise arrival numbers for the third quarter of 2014 have been consistently high. From July through to September, a 77.9% increase was recorded. There was a 106.8% increase in the number of cruise passenger arrivals in July, followed by over 40% and 90% arrival increases in the months of August and September, respectively.

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