Screen_Shot_2014-10-10_at_8.39.09_PMThere is a newly constructed pedestrian ramp and bus stop along the Phillip Goldson Highway in Trial Farm Village near the junction with the road that leads to the Trial Farm Government School. The project was carried by the Belize Red Cross under the Resilience in the Americas program. Frederick Hunter, Project Field Coordinator with the Belize Red Cross, says that they normally do risk assessments in communities but since they began collaboration with the American Red Cross, they have expanded to integrate participatory assessments with the communities to measure not only the risks within these communities, but develop the resilience of the communities as well.

Frederick Hunter – Project Field Coordinator

“So we go into the community but we just don’t look at what is flood risk, hurricane risk, fire risk, accident risk, we also look at other things that also help the community to develop and become stronger so that they can be more resilient that they survive hazards or the impact or shocks and to bounce back on their own as much as possible.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So this pedestrian ramp, how high at risk would you say, after your valuation, how much risk was there really to do this ramp and even a bus stop for this community.”

Frederick Hunter – Project Field Coordinator

“The meetings that we had with the community, we built some latrines closer to the riverside where it floods because we saw the flooding and the contamination of the waters as a health risk but one of the things the community members identified as a high priority is this need for a safe crossing especially for the children because the school children are back here and so when we presented it to the American Red Cross they went along with it, if this is what the community considers a high priority that is exactly what we will do.”

The new ramp was deemed important within the community to increase the safety of children going to school and the general public at large. It has been long needed since the administration at Trial Farm Government School had initially requested for the ramp about five years prior to the launch of the now completed project by the Belize Red Cross. The project is valued at some fourteen thousand Belize dollars.

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