228595_113252458760149_128126_nYesterday afternoon, students from the Corozal Methodist, St. Francis Javier, and Our lady of Guadalupe schools gathered at the Civic Center in Corozal Town to participate in a forum organized by Youth for the Future Corozal Branch. We attended the event and spoke with a few of the representatives to find out more.

Nekisha Lima – youth Ambassador for Youth for the Future

“Today’s event we are doing a Youth Forum for young people, for students mostly from primary school mostly standard V and standard VI students that the Youth Forum is to enhance their minds and to have them gain more knowledge on topic of teenage pregnancy, alcohol and marijuana usage and HIV and aids.”

The main objective of the forum is to sensitize youth on the importance of many factors that teenagers face on a daily basis.

Nekisha Lima - youth Ambassador for Youth for the Future

“The importance of this is to have our students to know how to make good decision to know the information what can happen behind alcohol or marijuana abuse, you could either be a teen mom or you could either catch HIV or AIDS, we are using all these topics because these topics has linkage with each other so this is why we came up with this four topics and this is why we decided to do this Youth Forum.”

Also present at the forum was CARICOM Ambassador Tara Butcher who shared with us the message behind her speech.


Tara Butcher – CARICOM Ambassador

“What I am bring to the youth in Corozal is definitely the power of choices and the effectiveness it has in our lives as well as what the CARE committee ambassador program offers and what we do for them here in Belize and we have recently formed the district ambassadors and that is our group so this initiative was done through the district youth ambassador of Corozal under the umbrella with the assistance with the department of services so I help them with their proposals and financing and I am here to speak today as the guest speaker so this is just another initiative by them which I must say I am very proud when I arrived and I saw the amount  of work they had put in, I know I have been hearing about it and corresponding via email but being here today and seeing and really being a part of it make it very much real and I am very proud of the district ambassador for the job that they have done along with department of youth services in Corozal.”

The forum has the participation of the AIDS Commission, NDACC, Corozal Community Policing and the Women’s Group.

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