While drugs and crime seemingly take over the airwaves, this morning in Belize City, Reputed Gang Member and alleged boss of the Ghost Town Crips, Roger Anthony has apparently had an epiphany and made a huge announcement this morning among police and media personnel. Anthony spoke to the Belize City media this morning at the Racoon Street Police Station where he renounced his throne as “boss” of one of the most feared gangs in the City. With the help from our colleagues at the 7News, Anthony announced that he is leaving his past behind and focusing on positive change.


Screen_Shot_2014-10-14_at_8.02.24_PMRoger Anthony – former alleged Gang Leader

“I think it is time for us you know, we as leaders to make a change and to stand up and say to help the police especially the gang suppression unit to stay and stand strong and to work with each leaders of the community so that we can make a change, it is only us that can make a change and we along with them can make a change so that is what am trying to do and that is what am going to do and I am going to renounce that I am no leader of no gang and I just leader of a work group and that is what I am going to carry on after this and I just hope that the other gang leaders pick up of what am doing and continue and we go live peaceful country without violence. I have a family, I have wife, I have sister, I have children and it is not right to be killing each other we should be helping each other the right way.”

Anthony is no stranger to the court. He has faced numerous charges, including murder.

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