Every law enforcement station faces the possibility that one or more of its officers could engage in police actions that are found to be improper or incorrect in the public eye. Some have resulted in complaints alleging misuse or abuse of powers by officers and since we have been getting a number of reports from residents of police mistreatment to abuse of powers on the general public, today we sat down with Deputy in Command at the Orange Walk formation, Assistant Superintendent of Police Selvin Tillett who explained to us the protocol used when visiting a detainee or inmate.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-15_at_7.42.55_PMASP SELVIN TILLETT – Deputy Commanding OW Police

“There is a time frame, you must bring an ID and must be in plastic and no metal and no bottles allowed, no minors allowed and we won’t accept more than one food person per meal. At times when someone is under investigation we won’t allow them to see no one because it can hinder the ongoing investigation so once you are under investigation we might not allow to see him or talk to him/her.”

But the hard questions did not end there; we asked ASP Tillet about complaints made against officers on Personal Relations whilst on duty, in this case, lack thereof.

ASP SELVIN TILLETT – Deputy Commanding OW Police

“Well, I talk for myself I cannot talk for others but we are trying to upgrade as I say each person is responsible for their own actions but by some way or the other we find out that they are infringing with the public then we get involve because at times we hear thing out there and see and I go out there and I correct them because we are here to serve the public and sometimes the public themselves are rowdy but that doesn’t justify us we try to hold our calm as much as possible, we try to instill that in people but they are just human sometimes they just lose it.”

Maria Novelo - Reporter

“Is it hard getting back the confidence into your police department?”

ASP SELVIN TILLETT – Deputy Commanding OW Police

“Well I don’t think it is that hard but since we been here we have gradually been getting some confidence back from the public, it will be an ongoing process, it cannot be an overnight thing but to get it back we need to work very hard.”

And while authorities continue to be under extreme pressure of scrutiny in the performance of their duties, an ongoing operation to rid of drugs, firearms and other illicit activities has been the topic of discussion for many as it relates to how officers are conducting the searches. Despite the unwavering end to criticism, ASP Tillett says the operations have been successful.

ASP SELVIN TILLETT – Deputy Commanding OW Police

“Well we have caught on drugs, we have caught people wanted on warrants and we search houses to have suspected firearms and we do have burglaries, trying to find house that have stolen stuff and that will be going until December or January but intend to keep the pressure here in Orange Walk as much as we can.”

Other questions we asked ASP Tillet included that of an update to the Ramon Cervantes murder investigation, the Chinese grocer that shot and killed Leslie Logan and that of missing person Sonia Abak, all the answers to these questions was that the files remain at the office of the DPP for further review and instruction.

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