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Screen_Shot_2014-10-15_at_7.43.23_PMLast week we spoke with an artist with an unconventional combo of talents and tonight we continue with our chats with persons within our community who have outstanding aptitudes. Tonight we feature the work and passion of a creative artisan who works solely with materials gathered from nature itself. His name is Susano Blanco and resides in August Pine Ridge Village in Southern Orange Walk District. Here is his story.

Susano Blanco – Artisan

“Uso caracol, semillas, cascaras. Bamboo. Corozo y puras cosas naturales.”

This is what separates Susano Blanco’s work from many – his use of materials obtained from trees and animals. His creations have evolved into some of the finest locally made jewelry in Northern Belize in the twenty-two years he’s been working with these materials.

He displayed a few of his best work upon our visit – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pen holders to name a few. His jewelry is designed to be sold by the set which includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings, a hair pin, anklet and even broaches. And these he says are in high demand.

Susano Blanco – Artisan

“Para mi acá todo lo que hacemos se pide y se vende así todo aquí n o queda nada de que lo que nosotros hacemos así como vendo los collares, los diseños en el coco y los aretes todos se venden.”

He has acquired his own machinery and tools and following countless trainings, his product is among the finest. But add to this his passion for the trade and you have handicraft worthy of admiration.

Susano Blanco – Artisan

“Cuando voy hacer aretes dejo mi día especial solo para hacer aretes y si voy hacer collares especial también el día que dejo solo para hacer collares igual para el clip porque me lleva menos tiempo haciendo por bastante que hacerlo uno por uno.”

This process save Blanco time, especially when he works with materials that need extra care and patience. Over the years, he has developed the ability of using his natural materials to his advantage, starting with the coconut shells.

Susano Blanco – Artisan

“Esto hecho de coco pero se ve la diferencia con el coco local y el coco enano, la diferencia se puede notar porque mire este color es del coco enano sale más cafecito y en ese uno se ve más obscuro y cascara grueso entonces este es el coco local así que se ve un poco la diferencia de ello.”

Susano Blanco – Artisan

“Este es la jícara y es algo muy bonito mire este y también diferencia el color y este uno es que no estaba muy maduro por eso le produce este color. Este es el cuerno de vaca y ese da un poco más de trabajo para hacer porque despide un olor que no es muy agradable entonces tengo que usar mascaras para hacer este y vienen en diferentes colores es natural nosotros no lo pintamos. Esto solo los pulimos pero da el color pero salen en diferentes colores por ejemplo mira acá en la meza este negro es más como cristal es color natural.”

He also uses bamboo and to minimize his expenses, he grows his own in his backyard at August Pine Ridge Village. Another of his options is wood and conch shell.

His designs also vary. Most are his and those of some costumers, although he admits to being inspired by artwork he sees along his many trips about the country and abroad. One such design is this little coconut and beaded slipper earring.

Susano Blanco – Artisan

“Ese se vende mucho bastante casi todos que los miran les gusta porque ese va con el rete y la cadena, la pulsera y el clip.”

It is perhaps no surprise that after being so long in the business, Blanco’s family has not only supported him but followed in the trade. His son for example has been working along with him for years.

Susano Blanco – Artisan

“Se puso y ahora pues él no va a trabajar en ninguna parte que solo aquí en su casa con su esposa y sus hijos lo hacemos todo como una familia y con esto es con que sostengo mi familia.”

Blanco sells his products in wholesale and sometimes retail in different small events such as the Art in the Park monthly event in Corozal Town. His prices differ based on large medium and small items.

Over the years he has built a strong and healthy reputation for his work which is deserving of much recognition as one of the best local talents around.

Susano Blanco has also done several trainings in different parts of the country in handicrafts and has received much assistance from various organizations which have helped him perfect his product continuously. Anyone wishing to see his work or purchase it can contact him at 650-0308 or visit him at his home in August Pine Ridge Village.

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