map_of_belizeThe Ebola virus continues to be at the top of health priorities in many countries. Belize is at risk and concern grows since the Ministry of Health is not adequately prepared to handle any eventuality of the virus being found here.

In the US, the virus was detected in Texas and an emergency alert was sounded yesterday in the event of any outbreak seeing that more cases are being diagnosed there. Late yesterday evening, the US media reported that a second nurse who has been diagnosed with Ebola told the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention she had a slightly elevated temperature prior to flying to Dallas from Cleveland, Ohio, but wasn't "told she couldn't fly" since she didn't meet the threshold for a fever.

She is 29 year old Amber Vinson who is a nurse at the Dallas Hospital where an Ebola patient had died and is the second health care worker at that hospital to contract the deadly virus. She flew to Cleveland to prepare for her wedding media reported. She is also reported to have visited her mother and others.  She was tested and her diagnosis was confirmed late Tuesday this week. Her travel on a commercial airline has stirred controversy for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The director has stated it was an error for her to travel but added that they released her flight data out of an abundance of caution since she would not be contagious until she began showing symptoms.

She will be transferred from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Emory successfully treated both missionaries who were the first two Americans to be diagnosed with Ebola. They are also treating a third individual, a World Health Organization worker who has never been identified, who was admitted to Emory on September ninth.

And it is exactly this kind of circumstances that worries health officials in Belize since the travel industry sees a number of flights from Belize connecting in the US or are a last destination there. The situation is grave to say the least and other countries such as Mexico are taking note of the situation since Belize health officials have admitted to not being fully prepared to handle such an emergency but are nonetheless activating necessary measures to do so in any eventuality.

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