Carnival-Magic-2The officials at today’s Press Conference stressed that the persons at the center of yesterday’s series of events were low risk and that none were showing symptoms of the Ebola virus, which is believed to be when it becomes contagious. Despite them repeating that point, it is hard to ignore the urgency in which the US handled the matter. Another factor here is that by the time the Office of the Prime Minister was informed of the situation, other passengers had disembarked the ship.


Audrey Wallace – CEO, Office of Prime Minister

“The government of Belize did not find out about this until after the disembarkation of those passengers so we were not able to respond to that aspect.”


So, does this give another reason for concern? PM Barrow says not necessarily.


Honorable Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize


“We had to take a particular position on a particular issue but that doesn’t vitiate the cooperation that we are a part of and that the United States is not just a part of but is clearly the leader of. So if something were to happen that would then make it possible for us to try, difficult though it might be, to track those with whom passengers may have come in contact with. We will know the United States might have tell us but in any event such a thing would make news so we would know. In the meantime I don’t see how or what point it would serve to try to find out exactly whom those passengers may have come in contact with. I don’t know if the health people see it any differently.”

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