carnivalLast week’s Ebola threat to Belize left the country in a state of anxiety although government has made public its intent on preparing our health care providers for any emergency. The immigration department has also taken measures to ensure travelers are properly screened before entering the country.


By now, the Carnival Magic has docked at its base in the US. The health care provider who was along with her companion was allowed to go home, according to reports. A blood sample from the woman was taken for testing for the Ebola virus. That test result came back as negative, according to the US Center for Disease Control.


It added that none of the passengers on the ship showed any symptoms of the illness. Health officials say the woman is expected to stop monitoring herself today and there will be no restrictions on her travels. While this case ends with good news, the Ebola anxiety continues to escalate and has become the leading health threat worldwide. At the moment, despite the urgency placed on screenings at airports worldwide, experts say air travel presents a very low risk to exposure to the virus.


Presently people in West Africa are being screened for high temperatures. Health officials in the US are organizing for any further eventuality with the virus but as is, only four hospitals in the US are equipped to adequately treat any emergency, according to reports. So far recent reports are that 43 people have been declared risk free in the US. Still, the US is issuing new protocols for health workers treating Ebola patients.


These are for health workers to cover skin, eyes and hair completely when dealing with patients who have the virus that has killed more than 4,500 in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. In the US alone, there have been just three cases diagnosed inside the United States. They include a Liberian man, Thomas Eric Duncan, who died in Dallas, Texas, on October eight and two nurses who treated him and are now themselves patients. Here in Belize, government continues to monitor the situation and implement all necessary measures to keep the virus at bay and deal with the virus in the event of it being detected here.


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