samuel20.10.14Early Saturday morning, San Pedro Police was notified of a possible murder. Around 7:40am, authorities visited a wooden 2-storey building on Mantarey Street, San Pedro Town, where they saw the lifeless body of 44 year old Samuel Dawson, Belizean truck driver of Hattieville Village.

Initial investigations revealed that Dawson, who was working in San Pedro for the past 2 weeks, was taken home on Friday night at around 7:00p.m by the supervisor of the construction site where he works. However, reports are that Dawson asked the supervisor to wait for him as he wanted to come back out to buy something to eat. The supervisor then took him to a restaurant at the entrance of San Pedrito where he left him.

On Saturday morning, the supervisor went to pick up Dawson at his residence and upon his arrival he observed that the door was ajar. As he further opened the door, he discovered Dawson’s body.

The 44 year old had two apparent stab wounds to his neck and cut wound to his lower lip. Police strongly believe that Dawson was robbed and killed by someone he knew, as there was no visible sign of a struggle or forced entry to his residence and his wallet and other personal items are missing. Dawson’s body was transported to San Pedro Polyclinic where he was pronounced dead at 10:33a.m. His body was then transported to the K.H.M.H Morgue. 

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