Screen_Shot_2014-10-21_at_8.06.14_PMThe family of Leslie Logan Junior, the man who was killed during a robbery at "Hung Ya" store in Orange Walk spoke to the media and said that authorities are not handling the investigations properly claiming there has been a cover up of the case. Logan’s father asked his attorney Audrey Matura to call the press conference because he is unsatisfied with the investigation or lack thereof by the police into the case who have breached his constitutional rights. He started saying that he condemns his son’s action but that he should have been dealt with accordingly. To start with, the pathologist did not perform the autopsy.


“I must to you right now that and then after serving for 37 years I condemn this act, I am sad of the act how crime and criminals, I don’t condone it at all and he should have been punished for that crime according to law.  I think that it doesn’t make one wrong and another wrong and make it a right, the legal justice system should have allowed to take its course and that is what they have taken away from us, the legal justice system was not given a chance to take its course.”

Logan and his wife live abroad and arrived in the country after their son was shot. Up until today the family says the have remained quiet hoping the police would have acted accordingly but after failing to speak with authorities they called the press conference. Retired Inspector of Police Leslie Logan served 37 plus years in the department and says he is well aware of what due process needs to be taken in any investigation. When they arrived from the US on 23rd September, the post mortem was scheduled for that day and here is where they say their problems started.


“We asked them where is Dr. Estradaban because we understand that the Doctor, the only pathologist, in the country to do the post mortem and they tell us no we are the ones who will do the post mortem, none of them were pathologist, Dr. Blanco and Dr. Kent, so then we asked them if we will be able to view the entire body and they bluntly tell us no, he says can we take photographs and they said no, I say well can I be in the morgue while the post mortem is going on, I said I did it before, I am an old police officer I know all about it let me stand in and for myself and witness the post mortem, I think the constitution allows that I can represent myself and they said no, I ask them to please show me in writing where I cannot stay inside the post mortem while the post mortem is being conducted and Doctor Ken said well I say so you can’t because I say so and then my wife got very upset and tell them you why I want to do this, I want to take the photograph before the post mortem, we want to be in there while the post mortem is going because there is a big cover up, how can the police say exactly what killed my son even before the post mortem, how can they justify and say it was a justifiable homicide and there was no post mortem so we say it is a cover up and they accused them of covering up and that is why we want to go, he even tell them well if we can’t get inside and we can’t see the whole body then there will be no post mortem they got mad, real mad and anyway they allowed us hen and they aid ok then you will be able to see the body, we went in and they took off the sheath and we started to observed injury on the body, it was at least seven bullet holes in my son body, I don’t know where Mr. Tillette got his information and said that was only one shot it was not it was seven bullet holes in the body and that is what we counted if we missed some.”

Logan adds that the doctors didn’t want them to see his son’s back and claim there was a cover up but when the body was turned over they saw other bullet injuries. Logan says given the evidence, he has done his own investigation into the matter.


“Well after a long fight they said well turn over the body and as soon as they turned over the body we saw bullet hole in the back upper shoulder we see one in the left arm and the one in the left arm actually penetrate under the armpit and that is the shot that went through the heart that killed him and that is the last shot my son received and I can tell you that because witness tell me who was actually at the scene looking at the Chinese man shooting my son, standing astride over my son so there was no fear of the Chinese man, he was standing over my son pumping lead in his body and a lot of witnesses saw that and they talked about it and they called on the media and said that was what happened and I got all the information from these witnesses, they were out there and they can tell the entire world what they saw an fortunately the police cannot find these witnesses, they are not investigating that shooting, all the police wanted to do was to finish the robbery and close the rest and said that eh killing was a self-defense, it was no self-defense, as a matter of fact they showed us a tape that the robbery was complete and that my son left the store after handing the accomplice the money in a bag and the accomplice left running out of the store, my son followed and was getting on the bicycle when the Chinese man ran out of the store and pick up a gun from the same place that he took the money from, ran behind my son out of the store and shoot him of his bicycle, how can that be self-defense, his life was never at risk, the Chinese man, never, never at risk and when my son was down there on the ground, lying down covering up, begging for his life because there was witness who told me that my son told the Chinese man please don’t shoot me call the police to come for me and he kick my son and told him this is for you black who is robbing people all over the place and then he started to shoot him there, my son was covering up and that is why I know the last shot was there because the witness says when he hit him there the arm went down and that was the shot at the last time and then the gun got jammed and then he started kicking at him and that is all out there, as a matter of fact, there was a bus load of people who were passing by, a bus load of people who slowed down shout at the Chinese man to stop because the boy was already on the ground, and you know what the Chinese man did, point the gun at the bus, and the bus driver had to drive off he could even stop at the bus stop there he had to drive way up more and left off the passenger because they were all afraid, all these people were out there you know, if I can find them all no longer a police officer and I find all these witnesses , as a matter of fact let me tell you about one witness that the police meet out there, the person that was working at the hospital, he is a trained medic from the army, the Belize Defense Force, he was the first person out there offering treatment to my son, the police meet him there, he was the person who picked him up and the police have not yet approached him for a statement, he actually witness this shooting because he was outside the gate and when he saw and turn the man pumping lead in my son when he was on the ground, yet the police officer have not yet even approached him for a statement, the police officer my mind is not investigating the death they only want the investigate the robber and I say that is a clear cut case, my son did the robbery he should be in jail serving his, but he should not be at the cemetery serving at this time.”

Logan adds that he could not register his son’s death up to date saying the clerk does not recognize the doctor’s signature since the paper lacked the pathologist’s stamp. Logan says in speaking with witnesses he was informed that a police officer was present when the Chinese proprietor approached Logan Junior with the weapon and encouraged him to shoot the deceased. Logan also claims the gun found on his son was empty. According to Logan, he has tried to speak to the officers commanding the Orange Walk formation but has been unable to meet with them because they are not in. He further claims that he hasn’t been able to see the DPP either. Attorney Audrey Matura provided the media with a copy of one statement that they have gotten so far and the death certificate that has been rejected at the registry. No names are being release as yet. Matura also spoke about the case.

Audrey Matura

“What we found out too is that we cannot find the name of the shooter, if you all go through all your news cast no one will release who is the name of the shooter, what we found out is that the owner of the store, it is his son who did the shooting, they have since closed down the store put it under new management and the person has fled the country, he was given a notice of intended prosecution, was released and that was it, is important for the police to follow it up, what are the options for Mr. Logan well of course if push comes to shove he can seek a mandamus compelling the police department to investigate the murder of his son because that is what he classify it as murder, everybody know that yes there can be self-defense but at some point it reaches excessive force that is try law for us, in a situation where you find someone we have witnesses that they say that up to nine bullets were fired into him, that is excessive force and so I will read a little piece here of a statement of one of the witnesses who said: when logy fell he drop on his side and lifted his arms up and could hear him said to the Chinese man who was standing over him please don’t shoot me call the police, call the police no shoot me, however, at this time the Chinese’s man stepped over Logy’s body and fired three more shots and the police in uniform arrived about the same time walking toward the scene and shouted at the Chinese’ man “shoot him after all they done rob you” and he flown his hand in the air as if giving permission for the shooting to continue as I saw the police man coming I shouted at the Chinese’s man left him alone, left him alone, the police done come but the police said to go ahead and shoot him the Chinese ‘s man was still standing over Logy’s body fired a final shot which went through his left arm and his chest, Logy up to that time, the Chinese man was about to do the last shot, beg the Chinese‘s man not to shoot him and tried to keep his arm up to protect his face, the police officer did not intervene, at the last shot then the Chinese’ man then kicked Logy in his face, in the area of his mouth and nose five times and try to shoot one more time but the gun snapped and so he ran into the shop and closed the burglar bar of the shop, the police at the scene then got on his phone, that is then a state sanction execution, that was not an off duty police officer, was a police officer in his uniform and so we will continue investigation and the last stop that Mr. Logan will be doing now will be to go to the Professional Standard Bureau with the hope that he will get some results there and not the push around he has been getting from the police department and based on everything he will then proceed if he need be to bring a constitutional motion against the police department and government for failure to intervene on of his officers and to prevent the murder of his son and so that is what we have to say for now.”

The second man who police had been looking for in relation to the robbery has handed himself to the police

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