Screen_Shot_2014-10-21_at_8.05.25_PMYesterday we reported on the opening of Dental Week in health regions across Belize and while we sat down with Dental Surgeon at the Northern Regional Hospital, Dr. Francisco Casteneda, we were informed on proper practices of brushing your teeth. It’s something we all learned as kids, and we do it twice (or more) a day. So when that time comes to brush our teeth, surely we’re not making any mistakes…..or are we? Actually, dental health experts like Dr. Casteneda say that improper brushing technique is more common than most people realize. And the result is that healthy teeth are not as common as they should be.

DR. Francisco Casteneda – Dental Surgeon, NRH

“Always have soft bristle, tooth brush and small amount of tooth paste and we start from the right side of the mouth and then on the outside of the mouth and we go from top to bottom, all around the mouth and then go to the bottom part up to the top of the gum if you noticed we go from the gum to the top part of the molar so that we do not get the food get stuck inside the gum, between the gum and the teeth and there is a way to brush the inside of the incisors, you bend the tooth brush on a forty five degree angle towards the back of the incisors and then you do it almost in the same motion but it is the angulation of the tooth brush that counts and we do it all the way around and at the same time we brush the incisors, the bottom teeth on the same degree but going upwards and the last thing we brush on our mouth is the tongue, in circular motion trying to do a message and brushing the tongue at the same time and them we have a dental floss, and then we stick it in between the teeth starting from the top to the bottom and get the dental floss in an up and down motion like this we do one side first then the other side trying to cover all the areas the tooth brush will not reach.”

On Thursday, dental professionals from the hospital will be at St. Peter’s Anglican School educating students about the importance of dental health care.

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