Screen_Shot_2014-10-21_at_8.05.35_PMAs news spread on Thursday October 16th that a Dallas Health Care Worker possibly infected with the Ebola virus was on board the Carnival Magic Cruise Ship anchored in Belizean waters, the social media went into overdrive and Belizeans fared the worst.

The news made headlines the following day and prompted government to call a press conference where the nation was informed that the woman exhibiting the symptoms did not come ashore. That calmed the waters but the subject of Ebola is still subject of much discussion as other parts of the world do all in their power to combat the deadly virus which has claimed one life in the United States and many in several parts of Africa.

At the end we can do our part by keeping well informed about the disease and today Reporter Victor Castillo hit the streets of Corozal to find out how much the public knows about the deadly virus.

Sheila Cante– Student

“That is has killed many people and that it is very contagious.”

Jorge Sanchez – Taxi Driver

“Tengo escuchado por televisión y asegún es un piquete de mosco que te enfermas y no hay cura para ello, yo creo que el país de Belice no está preparado para esto, Belice es muy chiquito, África se han muerto muchos.”

Oriel Contreras – Student

“Well, seeing that we are not economically stable especially in the area of medicine and stuff I don’t think we are readily prepared for this disease and especially we don’t have the financial or the professional to look after it if anybody gets infected. It is just like the swine flu, they are going to come up with the anti-biotic or vaccine for it.”

Sol Cruz– Student

“Well I feel sorry for the people that have it due to it be contagious and stuff and I just hope it doesn’t reach here. But I think we should be prepared by having lots of medication and many doctors available for our help.”

Here in Belize several measures have been set in place in order to contain the virus.

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