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Screen_shot_2011-07-15_at_7.54.32_PMAnother successful week of the annual Orange Walk Central Summer Sports Camp came to an end today with the distribution of certificates to the over 170 participants.

The camp which was carried out from the 11th to the 15th of July was sponsored by Hon. John Briceno. Our news team was present today as the participants received their certificate of appreciation.

Today marked the last day for the Orange Walk Central Sports Camp 2011. The camp was another successful venture with 170 participants coming together from all areas of Orange Walk Town.

As participants received their certificate of participation for their training in the disciplines of football, volleyball, and basketball they told us how proud they were of their accomplishment.

Yari Catzim-Reporting

“How was the summer camp this whole week?”



Yari Catzim-Reporting

“What did you enjoy the most about coming here?”


“Playing with my friends and playing football.”

Yari Catzim-Reporting

“So, you learnt more about football?’



Yari Catzim-Reporting

“You weren’t afraid?”



Yari Catzim-Reporting

“Did you make any new friends?”



Yari Catzim-Reporting

“So we will see you here next year?”



Yari Catzim-Reporter

“And what were you playing?”



Yari Catzim-Reporter

“I see football is the favorite sport, why did you choose to play football this year?”


“I like it because it is my favorite sport.”

Yari Catzim-Reporter

“Do you usually play at school competitions?”


“Like anything yes.”

Yari Catzim-Reporter

“But after this summer camp you feel confident that you are going to be a player in your school team right?”



For the trainers the camp represented an opportunity to showcase their skills and to pass on to others what they know.

Juan Rodriguez- Coordinator

“Well it was very successful, we enjoyed having the children here and they enjoyed themselves from Monday and until today the children were very happy, they got their certificates today, it was very good, everyone learned a little bit more about football, about basketball and or course it was nice for us to have them around and let the parents have a little bit of more time by themselves.”

Wernner Tovar- Trainer

“I would say that the kids were interested in learning more about the sport and I can say they had a really fun time doing it.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

“As a trainer being busy this whole week, what is the feeling that you have today that you have accomplished a weeklong of training?”

Wernner Tovar- trainer

“It feels alright and it feels good knowing that you have passed on what you have learned to other kids and to see their willingness to learn.”

All certificates were signed by the camps main sponsor Hon John Briceno who took the opportunity to thank all those that made it possible.

Screen_shot_2011-07-15_at_7.54.54_PMJohnny Briceno- Sponsor

“Well I certainly want to congratulate the boys and girls that were out here since Monday evening with the bad weather and that they are the ones that make this a success, they are the ones that makes all the efforts that is worth it and I really want to thank them and also to their parents, who allow their children to come here for half day for the past week so I want to thank them for their full participation but also to the coordinators, the participants, the trainers that have played a very crucial role in making this a success because we can bring the kids here but if they have nothing to do then w are going to be wasting their time so we have these young men and young women who out here organizing spending time with these kids all they trying to teach them some sport be it volleyball, football so am very, very grateful to the work that they have done and looking forward for next year, the kids are looking forward for next year, so I want to thank everybody, all the sponsors, all those that gave us some small donations and everything to make this a reality so a big thank you to everybody.”

If you missed out on this year’s Orange Walk Central Summer Sports Camp don’t worry because next year the camp will surely be back.

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