Screen_shot_2011-07-15_at_7.52.39_PMBelize International Film Festival is being observed throughout the country from July 15th to the 19th. As part of the activities a number of movies are being showcased across the country. Some of the films include “Amina the Powerful,” “Barefoot on Concrete,” and “Can’t take it no More”. The films, which are also being featured at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts in Belize City, were produced by Belizean filmmakers.

Here in Orange Walk the Banquitas House of Culture is also taking part in the Belize International Film Festival by featuring a number of movies produced by filmmakers from Belize, the Caribbean and Mexico. Tomorrow the house of culture will be showing its first movie titled “El Estudiante”, a movie produced by a very successful Mexican Filmmaker. ”

We spoke with Cindy Rivero from the Banquita’s House of Culture who told us more.

Cindy Rivero- Banquita’s House of Culture

“We are screening a movie called “El Estudiante “by Roberto Gerald and we are giving two show one at seven and one at nine here at Banquitas House of Culture conference room. The movie is basically, about a seventy year old man that entered into university to study literature and there he meets with a younger generation since he is seventy year and he tries to gives the other students his past experiences and together they share new dreams, hopes and they try to break the different life style and that is basically what the movie is about and we are inviting everyone to come Saturday at seven or at nine to see this movie, tickets are only ten dollars per couple so it is very affordable and we invite everyone to come and see this movie.”

Again the entrance price is $10 per couple.

If you happened to pass by Hospital Crescent this morning then there is a high probability that you smelled the delicious aroma of Bar-B-Q cooking on the grill. If you are wondering where the smell was coming from well, it was from the Orange Walk Police Station. This morning the Orange Walk Youth Cadet Corp was having a Bar-B-Q sale in order to raise funds to participate in this year’s National Youth Cadet Corp Summer Camp. The summer camp is scheduled to take place from the 7th to the 14th of August but in order to take part there are a number of items that the youth cadet needs to purchase hence why they decided to raise funds.

Giovanni Novelo- In Charge of Youth Cadet Corp

“For us to be able to partake in that summer camp we have to raise certain ex amount of money by doing fund raising so that we can be able to participate in the summer camp because usually have expenses such as uniforms, shirts, food, transportation and so on.”

Yari Catzim-Reporter

“And how much money do you guys aiming to raise?”

Giovanni Novelo- In Charge of Youth Cadet Corp

“We are actually aiming for at least three thousand dollars and that’s why today we decided to have a Bar. B. Que sale and at the same time I would like to thank the community of Orange Walk for assisting us in buying tickets and buying Bar. B. Que.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the worthy cause is asked to contact the Orange Walk Police Department at 322-2022.

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