Screen_Shot_2014-10-22_at_8.03.33_PMWe are still not out of the woods when it comes to the 2014 Hurricane Season and in light of this bringing awareness signifies preventing losses and that’s one of the main objectives of NEMO Corozal. As students of Christilen Gill SDA primary school in Corozal learnt today, saving lives is NEMO’s priority.

Willard Levy – NEMO Corozal

“I did a tour from since the 24th of September, we made a tour in all the town schools with intention to visiting the village schools in 2015, this is basically to share disaster awareness amongst the schools and families, we find that in schools the children are the best form of information so we shared the information that they could take it to their parents so that they could be more prepared and that is basically the objective of this tour.”

Today’s session was geared towards safety tips.

Willard Levy – NEMO Corozal

“Actually its tips how to prepare yourself and these are all tips before an impact; what should you take to the shelters, how to set up your family plan involve everybody in the family including the children they could play a good role in the family plan, basically if you leave everything to the father and the mother they would tend to forget certain things but having the children involve your plan is more effective and you move with more safety to somewhere safe.”

Within the Corozal District there are 43 hurricane shelters, of which, according to Levy, are in condition to sustain a hurricane if any should impact Belize.

Willard Levy - NEMO Corozal

“We did a random check based on last year’s detailed checking since nothing occurred between last year and this year there wasn’t much to do on detailed checking again, we did a random check and we recommend our shelters, shelters that we find that are off risk after a category two we have identified that shelter that you should not use after a category two.”

Students from levels 4, 5 and 6 attended today’s session.

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