Screen_Shot_2014-10-23_at_7.51.15_PMToday, the country of Belize is mourning the death of another musical icon, parandero Paul Santino Nabor. Nabor passed away on Wednesday evening and is reported to have died of natural causes.  It’s a huge blow to the music world in Belize since he was a widely respected musical talent who brought the soulful music of the Garifuna people to the rest of the world. Tonight, we pay tribute to the king of paranda music, Paul Nabor – Maria Novelo reports.

Maria Novelo – Reporting

Belizean icon, legendary Parandero, songwriter, Poet, Guitarist and music extraordinaire Paul Nabor passed away Wednesday evening at the Punta Gorda Hospital. Paul Santino Nabor who hailed from Punta Gorda, southern Belize was a widely respected musical talent who brought the soulful music of the Garifuna people to the rest of the world.

Paul Nabor who was known as a fisherman and legendary Garifuna composer has played the same guitar for about 60 years. Today we contacted Sound engineer at Stone Tree Records, Al Obando who shared with us his experience working alongside a talented and humble Nabor.

Al Obando – Sound Engineer Stone Tree Records

“He is like the inspiration for the entire younger musician doing Paranda music and he is like he guiding force that keeps all the musicians and the music of the Garifuna people and even of the music of Belize together and he is the founder of the Paranda music in Belize and the soulful side of Garifuna music.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“How was he personally, was he charismatic?”

Al Obando – Sound Engineer Stone Tree Records

“He was totally charismatic and he had a strong vibes even on stage and he is a friendly, friendly guy and people all over the world appreciated even though they knew him he just steps on stage and does his presence on stage and people start applauding all over Europe and Canada and the US, he has a stage presence that nobody up to now we have seen to done that have, like even they don’t know Paul Nabor and once he goes on stage the crowd just goes wild.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“As a music engineer yourself what is it that you would like Belizeans to remember about him?”

Al Obando – Sound Engineer Stone Tree Records

“For Paul Nabor that he was a humble and down to earth person, he lived a simple life and he showed people his humbleness and how kindness and how even living a simple live you could be happy and play music, he loved his guitar and he loved music and that is what all he did, even in his songs and in his stories he signs that when he dies he wants his guitar to be buried with him so his family knows that and we hope that it will be the situation and he is like the best example of what a musician should be and just in terms of personality and the way he carried himself on stage and he is one of the greatest example of our musician and of what music should be in Belize.”

A fisherman, boxer, lover of all seasons, a gifted composer, musician and parandero Paul Nabor offered Belizeans and the rest of the world a glimpse of hope, freedom and humanity in his music which will live on for generations to come.

Paul Santino Nabor will be laid to rest at a later date.


The government of Belize will honour the legacy and contribution of Paranda artist Paul Nabor with an official funeral. The announcement was made via a statement issued this afternoon by the National Institute of Culture and History. Via a press release issued today, the Christian Workers Union and the Embassy of Mexico to Belize expressed their sympathies to the family.

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