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Screen_Shot_2014-10-23_at_7.51.23_PMToday marks three days that thirteen year old Jeannie Alvarez, a student from Corozal Town, went missing. The last time Alvarez was seen by her mother, Poseda Hill, was on Monday when she left home en-route to her father’s house.  Today reporter Victor Castillo spoke to a preoccupied Hill who told him about the last time she spoke with her daughter.


Ponseda Hill – Mother

“I spoke with her like 2:40 Monday.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Did you all had a discussion or did you have an argument?”

Ponseda Hill – Mother

“Well, she was at that lady house that I did not agreed that she was there and I talked to her about it before that I don’t like her to go into that house so when I pass I saw her there and I told her to please come out of that lady house and just wait for school for Alisson and then she came out through the lady house by the side of the gate and I told her lets go and she said no I am going home so thinking that she was coming home I went to the park to wait until my other daughter came out of school then I come home and I don’t see her and I say something happened because she is not here, I called over my landlady house and I ask my neighbor at the back to see if anybody saw her and nobody had seen her and I have been her up and down to her father house back to my house looking for her and asking people if anybody have seen her and just trying to see where she was and what had happened to her and where she is.”

It was not until around 8:30pm that Alvarez was seen by her cousin.

Ponseda Hill – Mother

“So then around 8:30 then Cindy who is her father cousin said that she was by Dicker street and on a little incident she saw her with a group of boys and then they had a disagreement and from then that was about 8:00 she saw her and that was the last.  She just was there with the group of boys and Cindy knowing me that I don’t permit her to go about the place saw her there with the boys went there and scold her and that was when she jumped on the bike and got vex and I haven’t seen her or know  but from then seen her.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Do you have knowledge if she had a boyfriend probably she could be with or something?”

Ponseda Hill – Mother

“The reason why I didn’t wanted her to go on that boys’ mother house is because my little daughter told me that she liked that little boy and then she is thirteen and he is sixteen, my daughter is too young to be thinking about boyfriend or you know what I mean I don’t want her to be involved in that situation at that early age, I am a mother and I try to talk to her and I counsel her and tell her this will happen or that will happen and I want you to know that I love you very much and there is nothing in this world that is more important than you and Alison.”

Having knowledge of the danger her daughter is exposed to, Hill fears the worst.

Ponseda Hill – Mother

“I will tell you the truth when I see Tuesday night and she didn’t come home, Monday night, Tuesday night I fear that the only thing that I would receive a call that she is dead but yesterday somebody said that they saw her and I feel a little bit relief that I don’t want her to die I want her home with me, it is the worst thing because I’ve seen the news, I listen to the people talk and I listen to the radio that children missing and even adult missing and they always find them dead and when I see two days pass I think the worst that something happened to her or that she died or somebody hurt her seriously and hold her against her will but when they told me yesterday that somebody saw her and she had a change of clothes and I say thank you Jesus that wherever she is and whoever she is they are giving a helping hand because I pray day and night and I pray my bible and I don’t know what to do but I am just asking you to come home or whoever know her of have her please take her home or to the police station if you don’t want to get involve because this is really terrible and I love her very much.”

Jeannie Alvarez is of brown complexion, has long black hair, black eyes, and was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, blue 3/4 jeans pants with black slippers. Anyone knowing of the whereabouts of Alvarez is asked to contact the nearest police station. After the story was aired we were informed that Alvarez has returned home and she is in good health

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