Screen_shot_2011-07-18_at_10.42.30_PMJust two days after the brutal murder of 23 year Orson Cardona, Orange Walk Police recorded its 9th murder as a Chinese businessman was shot to death. The incident, which has left the Chinese community and residents of Palmar Road in shock, happened just before nine on Friday night. When CTV3 news arrived on the scene minutes after the shooting, the dead body of 41 year old Zhou Ang Tan had already been taken to the Northern Regional Hospital. From what we found out the robbery lasted only minutes and in the blink of an eye Tan lay dying.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

At a few minutes to nine on Friday night three shots rang out on Palmar Road. At that time residents of the area had no idea that 41 year old Chinese businessman Zhou Ang Tan had been murdered inside Tony’s Store.

Blood stains on the floor in front of the counter show exactly where the shooting took place while bloody footprints mark the spot where the robbers exited the store with an undisclosed amount of cash after shooting Tan with what is believed to be a 16 gauge sawed off shotgun.

Reports are that Tan along with his 17 year old shop attendant were inside the store when two men wearing rags covering half of their faces and armed with firearms entered the establishment. At that time Tan was behind the counter and was pushed to the ground by the armed robber while the second individual took out money from the cash register.

It is believed that during the robbery the gun went off and Tan was shot in the chest. After shooting Tan both robbers ran out of the store with an undisclosed amount of cash. One witness who spoke to us off camera told CTV3 News that while one of the robbers ran in the direction of Naranjal Street the other assailant armed with the sawed off shotgun met face to face with Police as he was running towards Palmar Road.

The robber, we understand, shot at Police and while they fired back he still managed to escape, leaving behind the firearm which Police now have in their possession. One man who witnessed the entire robbery told us off camera that just minutes before the robbery he entered Tony’s store to purchase a beer. As he walked over to the other side of the road and was about to sit down two men armed with firearms came out from the Castillo Estate. One of the men pointed the firearm at him and told him not to move. The men then ran over to the store and seconds after, the first shot was heard and the robbers were seen running out of the store leaving 41 year old Tan lying face up on the ground gasping for breath. He died a few seconds after in front of his wife and children.

Screen_shot_2011-07-18_at_10.42.46_PMCTV3 News understands that on Saturday evening two men suspected to have robbed and murdered Tan were captured in Orange Walk in a house located on Savannah Street in the Louisiana Area. Another individual is also being interrogated by Police but no charges are expected to be levied against him. The men suspected of carrying out the robbery are from Orange Walk Town. It is believed they are also responsible for the robberies carried out at a number of entertainment spots here in Orange Walk Town in the past weeks.

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