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Screen_Shot_2014-10-27_at_1.52.17_PMIn five month’s Belizeans across the country will once again head out to the polls to elect the team they believe will best run the affairs of their respective town or City for the next three years. With Municipal Elections right around the corner both political parties in Belize have cranked up their machinery and from all indications it will be a highly contested election. Here in Orange Walk the incumbent P.U.P Seven Team, with the exception of Councilor Neri Ramirez, was endorsed during a special convention held by the party on Saturday night at the Crystal Palace Auditorium. Taking Ramirez’s seat is Councilor Candidate Gian Vazquez who is no stranger to Orange Walk and to the P.U.P. Here are the highlights of the endorsement.

Carmelita Perez – Reporting

The endorsement of Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team was attended by young and old and had the support of Party Leader Francis Fonseca, Former Party Leader John Briceno and other members of the party including Standard Bearers and Area Representatives from across the country.

Here there was no rent a crowd, only true supporters of the party, majority those that can actually vote for municipal elections. The event kicked off with the welcome address delivered by PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North Ramon Monchie Cervantes. This was followed by a number of speeches and then it was time for the nomination of each Councilor Candidate and Mayoral Candidate.

As Councilor Candidate’s Rozel Arana, Ian Cal, Josue Carballo, Ladrick Sheppard, Jose Urbina, and new comer Gian Vasquez along with Mayor Kevin Bernard accepted the nomination their message was clear, “the work towards improving, developing and creating a better Orange Walk continues despite all odds.”

Kevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk Town

“It is always culturally sensitive we have worked my friends and you have seen that but most importantly the residence of Orange Walk Town has been right there with us every step of the way and you have been with us and thank you so humbly for your support. Without any help from government, in municipalities controlled by the UDP government pumps in millions of taxpayer dollars to build them up look at Belize City, what we have done in Orange Walk we did with your support and we did it with your tax paying dollars and we are ready to do much more. The UDP slate is no challenge but we will not take our guards down we must fight them just like David fought Goliath, we must fight Dean Barrow and the UDP, we must ensure that this PUP team continues to work for you the people of Orange Walk. The UDP is asking for a chance but they forgot that they had their chance for six years and they messed it up, only crab walk back way and we are no crabs, this is the PUP team seven which has worked for you since 2012 you know us, you know our ability and our strength, you know what we have done and you what we can do, we are worker and we all believe in serve you, the PUP was born to serve the people and we this PUP seven will continue to do just that, my friends the work started in 2012 and has never stalled, this PUP seven team ask once more for your support to continue the work for 2015 and beyond.”

Rozel Arana- Councilor Candidate

“We are rising against odds and we are moving onto two important things that bind us together, a common goal that keep this team united and the hope of continuity that make us move forward for betterment, we realize that we are warriors of bravery, we realize that we shall not be moved no matter the circumstances, we must continue what we started it is not time to back down, it is not time to turn our backs it is time to finish what we started two and a half years ago.”

Ian Cal- Councilor Candidate

“These three years and a half has not been easy they have been very difficult but I must say this that thanks to you the people of Orange Walk much has been accomplished, a lot has been done. Every single thing that this council this Mayor that we have here, Mayor Kevin Bernard did was thanks to you the people of Orange Walk.  The person is because of you; continue building this town the way we wanted to be, in the words of Mother Theresa; We the willing lead by the unknowing have done so much with so little that we are now qualified to do anything with almost nothing.”

Josue Carballo- Councilor Candidate

“March 2012 was the beginning of a new era in Orange Walk, the beginning of the rescue of our great town.  Hemos recuperado la maquinaria, hemos recuperado nuestros parques, hemos recuperado nuestras finanzas y hemos recuperado nuestra dignidad, bringing back this town its feet ready to continue the explosion, ready to continue the expansion, nation building, town building is not an easy task it is one for giants and together with you shoulder upon shoulder we stand tall.”

Ladrick Sheppard- Councilor Candidate

“We stand before you with a ticket of experience meaning that we are ready to take in any challenges, asking for your support come March 5th 2015, as a people and a council we move together forward through all the obstructions that was placed before us by this UDP government as they try to undermine the council with their political mischiefs and misinformation in an attempt to confuse the public but neither the council nor the Orange Walk people will be moved.”


Jose Urbina- Councilor Candidate

“When we look back at the past two and a half years it has been very interesting, however, very challenging at the same time but it is a great opportunity to show the people of Orange Walk town that where there is will there is a way.  This is the first council who has shown so much interest in fixing, painting and cementing streets, this is the first council that has held over 30 public meetings to listen to the people of Orange Walk, this is the first council that has not discriminated our people of Orange Walk and has addressed all concerns to the best of our abilities, we are here because of you and ones again we commit ourselves to serving you for another term, we humbly ask for your support in the upcoming municipal elections come March 2015 vote PUP seven.”

Gian Vasquez- Councilor Candidate

“It is my pleasure to join with Mr. Kevin Bernard, one of the most exemplary Mayors I have seen; you go to the internet al the statements are there, there is nothing to hide in this council and it is my great pleasure to join like I joined with my friend and to join with Mr. Bernard and this wonderful councilor team to fight that big guy again.”

Contesting the Municipal Elections for the United Democratic Party in Orange Walk is Mayoral Candidate Yvette Torres and her team.

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