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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
  • Severe Weather Conditions Causes Minor Damages In North

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:56

Also coming out in numbers to witness the endorsement of Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team were P.U.P Area Representatives and Standard Bearers from across the jewel, including down south.

Those who addressed the crowd brought along with them a message of hope for Orange Walkenos and the nation.


Screen_Shot_2014-10-27_at_8.01.07_PMOscar Requena- PUP Area Representative Toledo West

“I have every confidence that this is the winning team, this is the team that is going to deliver for Orange Walk and it is the team that is going to send a clear message to Dean Barrow that this is strike one, strike two, strike three, when we take over Belmopan under the leadership of Honorable Francis Fonseca and team 31 whenever he calls the elections.  I will tell and I am certain that when we go to Belmopan under the leadership of the honorable Francis Fonseca and team 31 we will have a hell of a bloody job to fix back this country because everything is in shambles; whether it is in the lands department, whether it is in education, whether it is health worst in infrastructure we are going to have a hell of a job but I will tell you nation building is for giants and the RT. Honorable George Price said it, nation building is about giants and we are the giants, the PUP is going to respond to bring back this country, to save back this country my friends and that is why tonight I proudly endorse our Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team.”

Joe Abelardo Mai- PUP Area Representative Orange Walk South

“One thing we are proud to know that there are no more flooding like what it used to happen under a UDP town council because the drains are cleaned, the grass is cut timely, the parks are clean, sport in Orange Walk under Mad Bull is at its best even in the villages because he helps me in Orange Walk South.  I want to ask each and every one of your to come out and support this PUP seven team, it is a winning team it has served the people of Orange Walk ad they will continue to serve the people of Orange Walk well.”

Mike Espat- PUP Area Representative Toledo East

“We have send a loud and clear message to the UDP that our people are not for sale, our people are not or sale and we got to send that message loud and clear across this country because that is what they are saying out there they don’t have to do anything they are going to buy the next general election and they will buy the municipal elections that is the game and that is the aim of the United Democratic Party.  That is why we are here tonight to support your Mayor and candidates for the upcoming municipal elections for Orange Walk town and we know that you the people will continue to support the People’s United Party.”

Honorable John Briceno and Party Leader Honorable Francis Fonseca also addressed supporters expressing their full confidence in the PUP Seven Team.

John Briceno- Orange Walk Central Area Representative

“We are going to beat that incompetent UDP seven that they have put because Orange Walk town will vote PUP down the line. Kevin y su equipo desde que los eligieron en Marzo del 2012, Kevin y su equipo han estado trabajando al pueblo de Orange Walk.  Hemos visto que después de dos años y medio sobre el liderazgo de Kevin Bernard y el PUP que el pueblo de Orange Walk ha avanzado estamos llevando adelante, siempre adelante con el Partido Unido del Pueblo siempre adelante con Kevin Bernard y los seis candidatos consejeros del PUP. Les quiero asegurar que vamos a trabajar duro, no vamos a decir que ya ganamos vamos a seguir trabajando cada día, el concilio va a seguir sirviendo al pueblo trabajando para el pueblo y nosotros los partidarios acá en el pueblo vamos a trabajar todos los días, vamos a ir en las calles, vamos a conversar con nuestros amigos, vamos a conversar con nuestras familias, vamos a conversar hasta con el UDP y les vamos a dar el mensaje que hay esperanza, que hay esperanza con Kevin Bernard y el Parido Unido del Pueblo.”

Francis Fonseca- Leader of the Opposition

“Mr. Mayor, I am here to give you my full support on behalf of our great party.  We are not afraid of the UD, we are not intimidated by the UDP, Mayor Kevin Bernard and his council here in Orange Walk have never back down because of the UDP in fact they have grown stronger and thy have worked harder in the face of the pettiness and the vindictiveness’ of the UDP and that is why all those in the People’s United Party are so proud of them and that is why we are here this evening to offer them our full unconditional support because we know that they will bring victory once again with the People’s United party come March 2015, and I have some good news for you my councilors  her in Orange Walk, Mayor Kevin at some time during your next term in office, at some time during that term I can’t tell you when we hope it comes sooner rather than later but at some time I promise you during your next term as the Orange Walk Town Council you will be there under a PUP government that will give you all the support and the resources you need to get the job done so we have hope my friends and when you go around campaigning you remind people about that, you tell them about that, you tell them yes will have some hard times left under this UDP government and under this spiteful Prime Minister but you let them know that hope is under way, freedom is under way and the people of Orange Walk will benefit from a new People’s United Party government.”

The Municipal Elections are scheduled for March 2015.

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