Screen_Shot_2014-10-27_at_8.00.10_PMThe Director of Public Prosecution, Cheryl Lyn Vidal is back on the job after taking what was reported by the Government as a study leave of three months. Information provided to CTV3 News by our colleagues at KREM News in Belize City, state that reporters ran into the DPP today while at court. She was asked if the Kim Wong Hong passport was already at her office and about her studies. Her response was: why would her vacation be of interest to anyone. She then proceeded to dispel that she had gone on study leave.

At the time of her leaving the country, the COLA private prosecution of former minister Elvin Penner was at court and the NGO was hoping that the Kim Wong Hong case file, that the police had sent to the DPP for further directives, would be sent to them but this never happened. When questioned about this today, the DPP is quoted as saying, “today is literally my first day on the job," end quote. She did however, proceeded to invite the media to write her some questions they want her to answer. Viewers may also recall that the DPP’s directives into the Sonia Abac homicide was also pending before authorities proceeded with the case. This was shortly before she left the country and up to date no one has been charged for that crime. The remains of 46 year old Sonia Abac were unearthed in a deep well at a farm about five miles into the honey camp road.

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