Screen_Shot_2014-10-28_at_7.44.32_PMStorm watchers continue to monitor what was Tropical Storm Hanna which had moved into Central America and weakened midweek. According to forecasters, the system could redevelop and another system bears watching. The system has headed towards Belize and forecasters give it a 20% chance of returning to a Tropical Storm. The high pressure system to the north will prevent Hanna from moving northward into the Gulf of Mexico and approaching coastal areas of the United States. Part of the lingering zone of showers and thunderstorms from Hanna could redevelop nearby along the coast of Belize, Honduras and Guatemala this week, according to reports. As a result, this part of Central America could continue to deal with locally drenching rain and gusty storms through the end of the week. Reports indicate that the system is currently carrying maximum sustained winds of 25 miles per hour and moving west-northwest at 10 miles per hour. By midday on Wednesday, Invest 96L should be inland over Belize and northern Guatemala. Hanna formed in warm waters of the western Caribbean, right along the coast of Nicaragua, on Monday morning. The system originally formed in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico as Tropical Depression 9, but then weakened while crossing the Yucatan Peninsula late last week. Hanna was the eighth named system in the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. The next name on the list of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season is Isaias.

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