Screen_Shot_2014-10-29_at_8.01.59_PMTonight residents of Libertad Village in the Corozal District are facing challenges with the distribution of potable water. CTV3 News was made to understand that for the past month, residents had to be on a time schedule to fill up their containers for their use. Our news reporter Victor Castillo spoke to a concerned resident on the issue.

Concern villager – Libertad

“Now we have a problem with this water system that the, we don’t have water main, sometimes the entire morning or the evening we don’t have water, they say the pump is not working very good but then I say why we pay water every month, $10.00 water, and they say they have like 500 users/members of the water board with the villagers.”

Out – go and come.

It is reported that over 500 consumers from both Libertad and Concepcion Village are benefactors of the water supply and today, from what we have been able to gather from villagers, it is alleged that the chairman of the water board has failed to provide a report on the income generated.

Concern Villager – Libertad

“We had a meeting the last time and the chairman just stood there like a statue speaking to the people and without one book on hand to explain how the finance or what is going with thing about the water board.”

Concern Villager – Libertad

“Has the chairman indicated what is the problem with the distribution of water, is it because of the pump mal-functioning, the pressure is low what seems to be the problem?”

Concern Villager – Libertad

“They guys say that, the last time I saw they brought people from WASA to check a line by Concepcion and they said that the problem is not the line, now they are saying that it is the pump but I will tell you the truth that they can’t operate the system very good, you should operate the system in a way that the pump should rest, probably they leave the pump the entire day pumping water because it is Concepcion and Libertad and that cause the pump to burn, burn, burn another thing is that the tank is abandoned, if you come and take a look at the tank it is a mess.”

When we contacted Chairman of the water board, Francis Sharp, he stated and we quote, “I don’t have time for this I have work to do.” We will keep monitoring this situation in our subsequent newscast.

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