Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_8.04.34_PMHalloween approaches and each year more people within our northern community play dress up and celebrate the occasion. Now, while some argue it’s just a simple way of commercially exploiting the public, the fact remains that people, especially children, have a lot of fun during this time. And while more people join in the celebration of Halloween, the occasion also gives rise to opportunities for a few artistically inclined persons who are sought out for special effects makeup.


Tonight we feature one such artist who lives here in Orange Walk Town. Her name is AnnMar Ayala and she has been a makeup artist for well over ten years. We caught up with her today as she prepared two young ladies get into their character this Halloween.

Dalila Ical – Reporting

AnnMar Ayala – Make-up Artist

“My friends started to tell me you know you need to upload your pictures so that you can expose yourself, three years ago I started to upload my pictures in my page, Sublime by Annmarayala which is on Facebook, you can also follow me on Instagram Sublime by Annmarayala and basically is just the type of makeup I do; natural, casual, glam, fantasy, culture and Halloween as well.”

And after she began showcasing her work, thirty-two year old AnnMar Ayala has gained a following. Her trademark today is “Sublime by AnnMar Ayala”.

Her work over the years has only improved and along the way she has collected a number of pictures that exemplify the quality of her art.

AnnMar Ayala – Make-up Artist

“I’m really glad that I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedbacks from people especially my clients they always come back to me and I am really grateful because from there I can see I am doing a good job as well. It does make me feel good when I see my clients reaction especially their reaction actually I have always asked them to do a before and after so that I can display on my Facebook but most of them don’t like the before so they actually tell no please don’t post it but apart form that it is really good.”

And she should feel proud because this rising makeup artist not only has the talent, she also has a passion for the work, something she developed at an early age.

AnnMar Ayala – Make-up Artist

“I see how my dad used to paint and from the beginning I used to like painting on faces, applying just eye shadows but then I have this cousin that actually just enlightened that artistic lead that I wanted to do so he basically showed me how to do more of the contouring, the types of eye shadows well that comes from my ideas and also I had help also from Estelita Briceno and I have come across so much that I have been learning and still trying to learn some more stuff.”

Today she can take up almost any challenge and she showed us some of her work from start to ending, and even I got a little treat of her handiwork.

AnnMar Ayala – Make-up Artist

“With Melanie I did what you called the Caterina, dia de los muertos, it’s more like a sugar  skull, it takes a lot of different colors and you blend them and with Andrea she is the killer clown, she took out more like latex glue to create like that skin dropping effects, I use a lot of creole products because it lost long as well and in your case I use BH cosmetics Palou red  and the use the concealer and foundation.”

But while she has gained popularity within the community, she doesn’t plan on stopping here as AnnMar’s dreams only go further.

AnnMar Ayala – Make-up Artist

“My major interest is more like Halloween more affects involving presetics, which is my major goal.  My dream like my dream, dream, dream is to be on Faceoff but I still have a lot to learn I haven’t reached that level as yet but I still have a lot to learn and let see where does it goes from there.”

And she doesn’t only do faces; she can pretty much whip up any prosthetic sculpting or molding to fit whatever her client desires on any part of their bodies. 

And when she does do makeup on women, the results can only be described as sublime.

And if you are another aspiring makeup artist, AnnMar says go for it. It may take some work but push on…

AnnMar Ayala – Make-up Artist

“Just go with it if you know that talents pursue it show it off and don’t step down even if there are other that is doing it you can also showcase your work.”

A session with AnnMar Ayala will vary in cost depending what the client wants. It can start anywhere from twenty dollars to over forty dollars for prosthetics. If anyone is interested in getting their Halloween makeup done, you can contact AnnMar at Escat Salon in Orange Walk Town starting tomorrow to Saturday, November 1st.

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