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Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_8.04.50_PMBelize Camping Experience continues to expand its reach to children all over Belize, and that means that they are also bringing their services to children here in Orange Walk Town. The nonprofit organization began its work with children in Belize providing camping experiences to specifically at risk children. Over the years, they worked towards reaching out to more children and only this year they held their first camp at the BSI Staff Club compound. It was a success, but it seems that the work does not end when camp week closes. Today members of the organization along with a special invited guest visited children at Trial Farm Government School to not only share the messages of the church but also entertain them.

Josie Gongora – Children’s Program Director, BCE

“From time to time we have special guest like what you seeing today is what Mr. Greg is good and he is coming from Canada to entertain, he is a comedian and illusionist and what he does he makes us laugh and we have him visiting the different schools and having all teacher and students with their mouths wide open but what he does is very beautiful because he makes us laugh but he also shares the gospel message to the teachers and to the students that are present.”

Comedian and Illusionist Greg Wood told us that his tricks are a great way in teaching the children some of life’s best lessons.

Greg Wood – Comedian/Illusionist

“I use that as a method to educate and to entertain.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Today you were entertaining some children, tell us about that especial part of your work and it seems to me that you have done a lot of work with children?”

Greg Wood – Comedian/Illusionist

“Yes, I have worked with children but a lot of what I do in Canada is that I work in the schools and we do addiction prevention, anti-bullying, character shows and here we actually had to do responsibility and we taught a lot of responsibility to the children and it is a lot of fun and we do it together with something that locks in their eyes so if you can get their eyes you can get their ears and we can get their ears we can get their hearts and that is really what is about so I have something that I use a trick that locks in their eyes, it is a puzzle that they can’t look away, the teacher is just talking they zone out but they got to keep watching because they want to know how it is going to end so that is the time we can teach them something so this time is about responsibility.”

Dalila Ical - Reporter

“What’s the experience been like for you here?”

Greg Wood – Comedian/Illusionist

“It is been absolutely fabulous, I am Canadian and it is snowing in my hometown today and it is snowing and I am very happy to be here in Belize.”

And while Wood is enjoying the great weather in Belize, members of Belize Camping Experience are content in seeing that the children they reach enjoy every minute of their visit.

Josie Gongora – Children’s Program Director, BCE

“Seeing the children is something so innocent and I know you guys have cousins and little brothers or sisters and when you see them it is something innocent is beautiful and to reach out to these children it has been a wonderful experience for all of us and we have been praying for that and that is why we be having a big event at the BTL park in Belize City at 6:30pm and we are inviting all the family and even in Orange Walk if you guys can come out we still be having more of Mr. Greg Wood with more of his comedy and his illusions so people can laugh.”

The organization also coordinates the Harvest for Kids program through which they raise money to finance their outreach work with the children. Gongora says they hope the community keeps supporting the initiative and that this keeps helping them reach out to even more children.

Josie Gongora – Children’s Program Director, BCE

“We have been praying for other harvest we have done harvest for kids with corn and rice and we are praying for more probably sugar cane I don’t know and there is a lot of things that we can do in Belize City and I do know that Belize has hope and is planting the seeds of hope so we are praying for many open doors God can provide and will definitely provide.”

Today, the team also made a stop at Chapel’s Primary School to hold a similar show with comedian and illusionist Greg Wood.

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