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  • Burglars Target Homes In Ranchito Village

    Wednesday, 14 August 2019 02:04
  • Two Men Detained For Armed Robbery At Bakery's Warehouse

    Wednesday, 14 August 2019 02:07
  • Two Drivers In Corozal Highway Accident Served With Notices Of Intended Prosecution

    Wednesday, 14 August 2019 02:08
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    Wednesday, 14 August 2019 02:12

hospitalAn Orange Walk resident is left concerned following an experience at the Northern Regional Hospital and claims negligence on behalf of the medical staff there. Carlos Molina says that he took his mother in for medical attention on Monday of last week. She was experiencing severe pain in her stomach area and after running some tests, doctors found she had stones in her gall bladder and at the mouth of her intestines. The remedy was surgery. According to Molina this is where his already bad experience got compounded as his mother was only taken for surgery at a private clinic yesterday. Molina says his mother waited all week before the family was told that the Northern Regional Hospital lacked a certain tube to carry the surgery through. Here is what he told us this morning when he visited our studio.

Carlos Molina

“We made an ultra sound and found out that it was three stone; two in the gallbladder and one in the upper intestine and we asked them when will the surgery will be and they tell us that they don’t know and they can’t answer that question and then until yesterday they took an ambulance and they took her to Belize City and they say they will perform the surgery.”

According to Molina he was informed by the same doctors at the NRH that they couldn’t perform the surgery without the equipment. Molina says he believes the hospital is being negligent for not being properly equipped to provide adequate services to the public.

Carlos Molina

“Told me that they don’t have the tube and at Karl Heusner they don’t have it but they deny me that they don’t have the tube, go and look for a private doctor and just for money and they play with my mother ‘s life. They don’t have that tube since 1994 and my brother old me that since 1994 they put a lot of patience in danger.”

Following the experience, Molina says he remains concerned for the public at large and urges government to do more to provide the Belizean community with access to adequate and cost effective medical services.

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“How is she doing right now?”

Carlos Molina

“Thanks God she is recovering and I came because they are playing with people life just for money and when you charge for a surgery they should do it everything and then leaving the two stone in my mother gallbladder still put her in danger so I would want to tell the government of Belize to look at all the hospitals of this country to have all the proper medication and the proper instruments be there that is why the doctors are getting paid to perform their job even if they charge the minimum fee.”

CTV-3 News contacted the Northern Regional Hospital to get comment on the accusations. Medical Chief of Staff Doctor Jair Osorio responded saying that the tube mentioned by Molina is a T-tude that is needed for drainage when the stone is removed from the patient’s body. Dr. Osorio says they have tubes but are unsterilized. The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, we understand assists the NRH in sterilizing these tubes.


This requires a special process that is also expensive and it is not performed on a regular basis. The doctors cannot proceed with the surgeries unless this process is complete. Patients requiring such a surgery need to wait for the process to be carried through.


However, if a patient’s case is urgent then he or she is referred. Patients can purchase the tubes and go through necessary procedures before any surgery is done. According to Dr. Osorio, the NRH is undergoing surgeries almost daily for specific and subspecialized cases. The more complex surgeries, he adds, are referred to the KHMH or a private facility.

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