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Screen_Shot_2014-11-05_at_8.30.52_PMThe abduction and subsequent murder of seventy-one year old Ramon Cervantes Senior in July this year shocked the entire northern part of Belize. Months after, while there hasn’t been much progress in the case, there is another shocking revelation made this time by the deceased’s family. In a conference held not only with the media but hundreds of people including family and friends, the Cervantes family released a recording of a call between Vilma Cervantes, wife of the late Cervantes and the man police have tagged as the mastermind behind the kidnapping and homicide, Manuel Castillo. The alleged contact between the fugitive and the family is in itself an unforeseen event but a recording of their conversation reveals even more shocking allegations into the death of Ramon Cervantes Senior. Dalila Ical Reports.


Dalila Ical – Reporting

The recording of a conversation between Vilma Cervantes, wife of the later Ramon Cervantes Senior and the suspected mastermind behind the homicide, Manuel Castillo is reported by the family to have taken place on October eight at 8:23 in the night. Castillo reportedly called the family’s home requesting to speak with Ramon Cervantes Junior. Vilma Cervantes answered the call which was recorded by her daughter, who said it was just the result of quick thinking. Castillo identifies himself before proceeding to hold a sixteen minute twenty seconds long conversation with Cervantes.

The recording was played for the audience and the revelation was, to say the least, shocking. According to Castillo, there are more people involved in the orchestration of the homicide, including police and even a government minister.


Purported Voice of Manuel Castillo 

“Les voy a mandar una evidencias es de ministro, hay un ministro envuelto y hay como siete personas allí en Orange Walk y aparte no confié en los policías porque hay ocho policías ese es uno yo solo les estoy diciendo cuídense no confíen a todo mundo por eso yo quiero hablar con Monchie, mañana voy a llamar a Monchie y quiero su número para llamarlo porque ahorita yo estoy postrado en una cama donde me tiraron yo no me puedo parar para ir a dar la cara ahorita pero a mí me quieren matar también si la policía me agarra a mi me va a matar entiende.”

Mrs. Vilam Cervantes

“Quien te tiro?”

Purported Voice of Manuel Castillo

“El mismo muchachito que vivía conmigo me tiro porque ellos aceptaron el dinero y me tiraron el uno que tiene 17 años el me tiro en la espalda con su pistola el me tiro.”

Mrs. Vilam Cervantes

“Adonde paso eso?”

Purported Voice of Manuel Castillo

“Nunca se lo voy a perdonar porque le di de comer el me tiro porque yo no acepte trabajar y no acepte ese negocio, yo se lo dije que no me voy a meter.”

The man claiming to be Castillo continued to say that he was framed because the people behind the crime thought he was dead. He stated that he was shot and fell into a river and was lost for about three days before he was found by some people. He never states where he was. But then he made another alarming revelation saying Ramon Cervantes Senior was not the target of the plan.

Purported Voice of Manuel Castillo

“Se confundieron los chamaquitos fueron y agarraron su esposo era su hijo que querían matar a él querían matar a Monchie querían matar y se confundieron y mataron a… su espozo.”

Mrs. Vilam Cervantes

“Nos hicieron mucho daño Manuel”

Purported Voic of Manuel Castillo

“Yo lo se señora por eso estoy llamando y yo me siento mal porque todos me están echando la culpa a mí y yo no tengo que ver nada no le toque un pelo a su esposo y nunca iba aceptar un trabajo adonde yo conozco gente.”

Castillo goes on to ask Mrs Cervantes to not say anything about their conversation for fear of his life and that justice would not be served. He repeated countless times that he would provide the family with the necessary evidence to support his allegations. He promised the evidence within a week but it appears that nothing came of that promise. According to Ramon Cevantes Junior, they pondered long and hard on the new information they had received. They then decided to come forth and make it public knowledge.

Ramon Cervantes Jr

“The question is how long to wait and you know in this case is very important for the nation itself an as to the evidence I don’t know if he has it and he wants to clear his name it is in his interest to produce the evidence.”

The caller had promised to call back and he did according to the family. However, Mrs. Cervantes says she was unable to take the call at the time.

Vilma Cervantes

“I couldn’t answer him because I was alone, it was a holiday and I expect myself in the store so I told him to call me back at home and he said he would in the next few hours but the call didn’t come in.”


“Do you believe that there will be any further communication with him?”

Vilma Cervantes

“I think only God knows but I hope he does I really pray he does.”

So where is Castillo now? the telephone conversation he stated he was at a hospital recovering from his wounds and then that he was at the home of some friends but reiterated that he lived in fear for his life. The caller who identified himself as Castillo said he was about twelve hours or more from Orange Walk.

IN our story we mentioned that Castillo called that those involved in the murder include a high ranking government official. Several names are called in the recording, and while in our report we did not mention any names, late this evening a release was issued by the government press office. It states and we quote, “ Hon Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister, learned of a Ramon Cervantes family press conference broadcast today by a certain media house.


At that press conference a voice recording was played containing the most outrageously false and defamatory allegation against the DPM. Hon. Vega condemns those that caused the recording and allegations to be played, and those that carried the broadcast. The DPM warns that no other media house should carry or in any way further circulate the reprehensible libel against him. He has already consulted his lawyer who will take action against anyone that ignores this warning,” end of quote.

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