The information shared by the Cervantes family is daunting. But how much of it is true? The truth is that the revelation has compounded the speculations surrounding the death of Ramon Cervantes Senior. Given the circumstances, what will the family do? According to Ramon Cervantes Junior, their decision to go public with the recording is in following with his intention of remaining transparent on the case. Viewers may recall that Cervantes Junior was vocal about the good collaboration between the family and the police at the start of the search for his father but this relationship shifted sharply following the discovery his body. Since then, Cervantes Junior maintains that police have not been forthcoming with the progress of the case.

Screen_Shot_2014-11-05_at_8.31.01_PMRamon Cervantes Jr

“Right after the burial of my father and the arrest of the three guys that cooperation has been diverted, the whole attitude had change and after that is like we lost communication as I mentioned in my previous statement ever since those initial days the police have not been informing us of any status of the case.”

So will the family pursue the case given the recent allegations? Here is what Cervantes Junior told the audience and the media.

Ramon Cervantes Jr

“As it relates to taking it even to the headquarters of the police, first the hand cuff of my dad was police issue and secondly you all heard that a senior police officer was mentioned and implicated by Manuel who is being sought by the police and the Interpol and then  these instances with you know a lack of communication and misinformation so we thought that we better we go to the public and we are doing this in the public interest because by all means the police will get it the recording they will get it and I hope they act on it.”

Cervantes reiterates that the family is not doing any investigation into the murder of their loved one and took this decision simply to inform the public of what has transpired since his father was laid to rest.

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