The information shared with the people who attended the conference and the media was a lot to absorb at the moment. The family received the call since October 8th and as we mentioned before, the family was informed that Cervantes Senior was not the target of the abduction but his son. He, Ramon Cervantes Junior responded to that allegation that the hit was on his life.

Screen_Shot_2014-11-05_at_8.31.01_PMRamon Cervantes Jr.

“It’s not only sad for me to the point where we have gotten as a nation is very worrying as a nation I have only one live and I think our whole country is in danger our tradition of peace and cooperation with one another and our social fabric is in danger as per my life as a God feared man I know that my life is in danger and the lives of my family and friends and those close to me because clearly I am marked for death by very rich and powerful people but we have to go on because it is God to decide my destiny not man.”

Cervantes’ response was met with a unanimous applause from the audience.

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