Screen_Shot_2014-11-05_at_8.30.36_PMToday, the La Inmaculada Credit Union held a culmination ceremony for beneficiaries in the Small Scale Enterprises Development in Agriculture and Tourism 2 project (SSEDAT2). The program was one implemented by the LICU and financed by the European Union under the Accompanying Measures for Sugar Program. General Manager at LICU, Yolanda Gomez says this project was the continuation of the first but focused primarily on entrepreneurship and capacity building of these micro and macro enterprises.

Yolanda Gomez – General Manager, LICU

“We managed to assist 18 micro an small enterprise and we conducted numerous trainings and field trips and we assisted quite a lot of people with training, with marketing skills, with a showcase so that the artisans can display their products, we assisted people like seasonings, we assisted the people like the Mariachi group because we believe that promoting culture, promoting tourism diversifying as a result of the challenges we are going through from the sugar industry that is what the EU put aside a portion of this funding to help with diversification and entrepreneurship and today we close off our project and we did a handing over ceremony as we handed over tents, banners to create more publicity and for more marketing purposes.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“So just to clarify that is the end for the support of those people?”

Yolanda Gomez – General Manager, LICU

“That is the end of our support but we have a training center whereby we do continuous training whereby we invite our members’ entrepreneurs to attend these sessions because we believe that on offering the technical assistance will definitely assist the entrepreneurs to improve in their own operation and by so doing they take credit from us and it is a win win situation whereby they don’t falter in their payments so through this second phase we establish our training center and we upgraded our parking facilities that I also serving as a marketing facility whereby we bring entrepreneurs together and they can network amongst themselves and the public at large gets to know them.”

Of the 18 beneficiaries, the National Aids Commission’s Orange Walk HIV Committee received some much needed assistance to further enhance their outreach activities in communities. Dr. Jair Osorio is the President of the HIV committee here in Orange Walk.

Jair Osorio – President, OW HIV COMMITTEE

“Well, we have a donation of a tent, normally what the committee does is outreach activities we go to the communities and either displays health fair and distribute information in regards to HIV and AIDS so most of the time we would have to rely on funding’s from different organizations either from the National AIDS commission or the ministry of health in regards to providing funding for renting of tents and chairs and tables and with the donation of this tent here and of course the banner that they gave us we have a little more in regards that we can do our own little activity without receiving any funding or we can direct the funding to something else that we may require when doing our outreach.”


The EU has funded LICU-SSEDAT II project to the tune of $1.3 million with the LICU financing an additional 330 thousand dollars.

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