Roberto_CarballoSan Pedro police are closely monitoring a ranger stationed at the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve after the Department outlined a serious security risk concerning his rogue-like behaviour in a letter dated October 16th, the San Pedro Sun Newspaper is reporting. In the letter, the police officer points out that Fisheries Officer Roberto Carballo has been closely monitored and has even confessed to having individuals working for him as playadores (drug beachcombers) who wait for wet drops (drugs that wash up on the beach). The letter states that Carballo confessed to have individuals he brings from Corozal to walk the beachside in search of illegal drugs, also known as ‘wet drop,’ which is then turned over to him. Mr. Roberto Carballo has further confessed to being involved in numerous criminal activities,” stated the letter addressed to the Head of the Fisheries Department. The letter ended by warning the Department and higher-ups of the Ministry of National Security to have Carballo removed from his post and for the department to carry out their own internal investigation and to “act swiftly” to prevent an unfortunate incident. The Sun reports that up to news time, the officer was still working and remains attached as staff member at the reserve.

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